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Anonymous 70534

>man is interested in me
>i am interested in man
>we start talking
>he expresses interest
>immediately lose all feelings toward him
why the fuck does this happen? why is my brain so fucked up? why am i not allowed to be in love?

Anonymous 70535

This gives me flashbacks to lithosexual from early tumblr.
What did you like about him, anon? Was it just his unattainability?

Anonymous 70536

You are not alone. Did you also have either an absent and/or shitty dad? Or mom?
Trying to figure out if it's my discomfort with positive male attention or if I'm more gay than straight and only like men in theory. I keep pursuing them in hopes of figuring it out.
Good luck, op.

Anonymous 70538

Its like sometimes they just make you feel off. I know what you mean. It doesn't always happen though. I've experienced it too but no right to talk about it because I just prefer to be single now. Thats just what I knew from the past.

Anonymous 70563

literally nothing was wrong with him. i really liked him and then as soon as it became possible for us to enter a relationship, my brain just like…switched off all affection
i think maybe its a defense mechanism. how do i get rid of this

Anonymous 70735


Anonymous 70795

i have an image folder full of handsome men i've kept up since middle school, i am assuredly not comphet

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