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sudden sexuality crisis Anonymous 70714

what does it mean if i can be attracted to men but feel repulsed by almost all men at the same time? the capacity is there for me to find guys attractive, but at the same time, after everything, i know that i would never choose to date/marry/have sex with one. i can’t trust moids at all. thinking about being with one for the rest of my life just fills me with dread. i’m attracted to women but calling myself a lesbian just feels disingenuous because i know i have had crushes on men but i feel uncomfortable saying i’m bi too because i don’t want it to seem like i’m “available” to men if that makes sense..? am i just overthinking or faking it? i don’t really have anyone i can tell this to

Anonymous 70715

what do you mean by being attracted to them? wouldn't that already imply wanting to date, marry or to have sex with one? to me that seems kind of contradictory
when you feel attracted to them, what is it that you think then?

Anonymous 70716

like that i could see a guy and think he’s good-looking but not want to be in a relationship etc with him, i figured that constitutes as attraction. and i have male public figures/fictional characters who’s personality i am attracted to, but i wouldn’t really want to date them even if it was possible i guess. when i was younger i had crushes on guys but that was before i realized the true nature of moids and still had hope, so at that point in time i was ok with dating as a fantasy even though i never actually did

Anonymous 70720

I would say that you do desire men, but that this (maybe instinctive) desire is at odds with your mind
it may be a stupid comparison but since I can't think of a better one, maybe it is like wanting tasty but unhealthy food

>i realized the true nature of moids

what made you realize it?

Anonymous 70722

yes, it is a complicated state of mind
I think some optimistic people would argue to overcome the fear/ the negative feelings in hope to find out that it isn't as bad as one may think
but I couldn't really argue for that as I don't really believe it myself

Anonymous 70730

I'm not bi but I noticed a decent amount of bi women feel similar and opt to dating other women or being volcel. They call themselves Febfems although it usually implies they're a radfem

Anonymous 74691

tomboy yuri.jpg

I feel very similar to you anon, calling myself a lesbian feels like lying and bisexuals in 90% of situations are just whores who could also kiss a woman. I think it's best to just avoid labels in more nuanced situations like this, since they have such clear cut communities and connotations.

Anonymous 74694

Febfem maybe?

Anonymous 74696

I have the exact same experience as you op, I've just embraced that my mind is split in two this way and that I can't ever stop feeling it. I just think about life goals,
indulge in shopping, eating out, making money.. nature.. vivariums ..wine. fantasy, refusing to have kids! I really love solitude. I still want to make better money though. I probe into what I want until I really don't feel I have anymore big unanswered questions.

I feel you I had horrible experiences around them as a child. I live to get high on life and laugh at the ridiculous shit around me.

Anonymous 74697

I think a lot of women either get groomed into liking men by the media and culture or have an innate attraction. In both cases this is in contrast with how disgusting moids are these days.

Anonymous 74698

I meant to add, this means that they are attracted to the ideal moid which doesn’t exist.

Anonymous 74769

sounds like comphet to me, I'd recommend reading the lesbian masterdoc and seeing how it makes u feel

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