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Anonymous 70743

>man expresses interest in me in a telegram chat
>we talk a bit in DM
>show him my few pics
>one pic is where all my flaws are obvious
>he goes silent
>I ask him whats up
>"im maybe attracted maybe not"

Why me anons?
I want to punch people who say just being skinny is enough to get males to like you. Its clearly not.

I will never have a guy like and love me

How did you deal with such situations? Has it ever happened with you that an e- boy lost interest as soon as you sent them pics?

Anonymous 70744

Maybe I'm a little old-fashioned OP and maybe this is stupid advice to give on the internet, but I don't think it's good for your self-esteem or mental health or future relationships to talk to dudes on telegram for finding bf.

Also maybe he just meant it in a way like "blush emoji im kinda interested maybe not but maybeee lol" like. Guys find me unattractive often or aren't into me but also keep in mind that it's different online bc you're presenting yourself in a still image. The internet makes things a lot more vapid and shallow and you don't get appreciated for being a complete person which makes things a lot different. Don't be too blue about it. boys are cringe anyway.

Anonymous 70746


Work on your self-esteem and don't talk to e-boys on Telegram. Learn a language instead.

Anonymous 70748


I dont know about that. He also said "its hard to say with pics" and "you should do X hairstyle tho, it looks better on you"

Anonymous 70751

>you should do X hairstyle tho, it looks better on you
>im maybe attracted maybe not

You dodged a bullet OP, he is NOT a catch. You don’t want someone who is going to play games and leave you waiting, you want someone who knows they like you. You want someone who likes you as you are and will only give appearance suggests when you ask for it.

I think the real problem is that you are trying to find a nice guy online. Usually men are online because they can’t find someone irl and there is a good reason for that. I did a bunch of online dating and the men were always terrible. I thought I was the problem until I read other women’s experiences.

Anonymous 70754


I have always had terrible luck with moids. The ones I come across offline either ignore me or friendzone me. Not like I meet new moids often anyway, I am socially awkward and incredibly anxious. So I thought why not give edating a go, when this guy expressed interest in me

Anonymous 70755

>Has it ever happened with you that an e- boy lost interest as soon as you sent them pics?
Yes! Fuck my life. That was really embarrassing and I hope I hadn't been so stupid to fall for that idiot.

Anonymous 70756

well now you know! dont =)

Anonymous 70772

Irl when dating you already know the personality and looks before hand.
On date apps only the looks.
Online only the personality.

Don't let this get to you.

Anonymous 70782

Yeah maybe try to stop indulging in that stuff. I got quite a lot of attention on twitter and reddit because I psot about my self harm and mental issues a lot, you start liking it and then when something like described in your post happens the fall will be harder the mre you get attached.

Anonymous 70783

Also, has he showed a picture of him to you? If not, think about it, it could be an ugly/creepy looking guy too. Don't think every stranger that shows interest to you on the internet has your preferable type of looks.

Anonymous 70788

I am OP anon and for me, he showed me his picture, he looked qt and had nice physique

Anonymous 70790

Ok. Doesn't negate my first post though.

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