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How do you rekindle the spark in a relationship Anonymous 70873

I’m just not feeling it with my boyfriend any more, for no reason. He’s cool and I like him, but I don’t have that physical “love” feeling any more. I wish I did, I think he still loves me a lot. I feel terribly guilty, so much so that I feel physically Ill when I think about it. I want to love him so bad, please help

Anonymous 70876

Why do you care? Life is absurd. Leave him or stay, nothing matters.

Anonymous 70882

Well every relationship will eventually lose the infatuation/honeymoon/whatever you want to call it spark it just has to develop into a more meaningful form of love. Don't know your situation but just don't expect that any relationship will have you feeling infatuated forever.

Anonymous 70896

somebody just finished reading the stranger

Anonymous 70898

Tell me why it isn't then.

Anonymous 70916

Anonymous 70919


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