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Anonymous 71114

I feel guilty about drinking beers every 2 weeks? I don’t drink every single day consecutively (despite me wanting to do this) but I sometimes go on light drunken benders at home by myself in my room, for example I once drank back to back 3 days straight (not the entire day just at night) and I had like 5 beers every night for those 3 days. Then I didn’t drink for a month. My family also guilts me into feeling bad for drinking a lot of alcohol despite our father being an abusive alcoholic. I haven’t drank for 2 weeks now and I’m trying to hold out until New Year’s Eve, so I can have my Prosecco 🍾 lol, alcohol is the only thing that brings me joy

Anonymous 71115

Its probably because your fathers an alcoholic that they're worried. Maybe they see him in you. Thing is that's not even very much alcohol. Maybe try drinking more regularly to even things out? Drink they way normal people do so you stop being this repressed guilt-ridden obsessive. I think not drinking the way normal people do is going to make you even worse.

1 -2 drinks a day.

Anonymous 71223

So you’re saying I should drink more often to even it out?

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