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moids from your country Anonymous 71136

went to my first non english speaking imageboard and just couldn't take it
it wasn't anything I haven't expected or seen on 4ch but for some reason reading all this shit in my language made me irrationaly angry and disgusted
I already had a disdain towards scrotoids from my country but this just furthered it
ladies how do I unlearn this?
ik that not every moid is a retard posting on imageboards but I always seem prejudiced towards them anyway
the only scrotoids I've ever been able to form any connection with were foreigners (we have a lot of exchange students at my uni and I kinda want to talk to some of them for this reason)

Anonymous 71137

If you're from a third world country like I am, I don't think it's all that irrational to hate your local moids.
As much as western patriarchy sucks, it's nothing compared to "developing nations".

I can't describe the local moids as anything else but "wanting a surrogate mommy and a slave all at once". In fact, one of my classmates and a former friend is in a relationship with a quite disgusting moid, who driven by his third world primitive morals, disallowed her from hanging out with her friend circles, because moid insecurity about cheating and so on. This is considered normal here.
The sad parts, he's like a head above the average moid here, in that he has a good job, a car, is completely independent, etc. In comparison, it's normal and expected of moids here to live with their parents til their late 20s.

Shortly after she got involved with him, she became completely socially isolated, which also means she lost her support network. Typical insecure moid behavior, cutting of girls from means of escape from their clutches.

Is it normal to be racist towards your own ethnicity, but only when it comes to males? I feel weird saying this, but males of my own ethnicity disgust me for all the aforementioned reasons.

"The stronger sex" my ass. Completely coddled by their parents, while girls here have to try twice as hard to get a good career, because the only alternative is being married off to a retarded moid who lives off his family.
I hate this country.

Anonymous 71138

I'm from eastern europe and yeah it might not be as bad compared to some places but it's pretty much exactly how you described it here
what also repulsed me is how much more vulgar our language is compared to english so whenever I hear a moid open his mouth 80% I wanna kms
I don't think I have ever found a moid from my country attractive (aside for like models etc but that doesn't count)
but western euro moids treat eastern euros like shit too (experienced this myself) but at least they're (supposedly) less likely to beat me to death so there's that I guess

Anonymous 71140

I supposed its 2ch? If so - you never used it before, but prefering foreign imageboards?

Anonymous 71142

nah I'm not Russian
it was a shitty board that's supposedly the most active in my country but even lc has more activity in comparison kek
but yes I prefer english speaking imageboards

Anonymous 71155

>it wasn't anything I haven't expected or seen on 4ch but for some reason reading all this shit in my language made me irrationaly angry and disgusted
Well the fact that you realize those moids might be living near you and are saying depraved shit might play a role.

Anonymous 72348


Hvala Bogu sto sam rodjen na Balkanu!


Anonymous 72407

Moids in my country have really high and narrow standards for women despite looking like mushroom-faced manlets with 3 inch penises. It's common to see them online make fun of women with brown nipples and labia because they're all pornsick. I hate the bullshit traditional courtship rituals and am salty that no moid here would even look at me because I don't inject glutathione and vitamin C into my veins.

Anonymous 72495

Are you from Colombia? Because that's exactly how it is here. Colombian moids are the worst, or latin American moids in general, they make fun of traits related to women and darker skin, like brown nipples and brown labia, they are also so bad looking, kinda similar to chimps and women in comparison are so beautiful that they expect to every women look like a model when they don't put any kind of effort in their appearance (not that it will help much though, they are ugly genetically). They also tend to be so dependant of their mothers, most moids don't know how to hold a mop or make rice but will expect women to know everything about homemaking, they also tend to live with their parents until they are in their thirties. I only date European men because despite being also scrotes they are a bit less cringe and more open minded. The typical local moid here will think that getting a girl drunk to fuck is completely normal and joke about it meanwhile from what I've seen more Europeans moids would react a bit bad towards that kind of behavior.
Other thing is that I don't consider myself racist, I find latinas beautiful but when it comes about latinos, it's hard for me to not be disgusted by how they look, I just started to associate their average traits to their horrible behavior.

Anonymous 72507

Don't stress about it sis, people who would call you "racist" will simply never understand what the average violent machista latin American moid is like.
Those from my country are so bad, I am utterly repulsed by them as well. I knew one who had 40 abandoned kids.

Anonymous 72690

was that my dad? lol.
I would love to talk to other women from latin america who also browse CC. I feel so lonely when it comes about hating on men which I don't understand why becuase there are plenty of reasons to do it, specially in this part of the world.

Anonymous 72691


All the moids in my country are low IQ trashy poorfags and junkies/alcoholics who look like this. None of them under 60 own a car or their own house and barely any of them have a good job.

I bet you can guess where I'm from.

Anonymous 72697


Anonymous 72699

Eastern Europe

Anonymous 72756

Could literally be any country

Anonymous 72758

please dont disrespect the drainers

Anonymous 72767

I like Bladee but Ginger Bladee was a monstrosity

Anonymous 72800

Extremely offline bfs are the best. Get a moid who's into outdoorsy stuff/physical labor and isn't even on social media.

Anonymous 72803

This, a thousand times this. The number of hours a man spends online is directly correlated with the number of rotted braincells he has.

Anonymous 73186

Nutritious fact

Anonymous 79597

moids in my country are so disgusting, i wish that we didnt exist, as a race.

Anonymous 79704

>all the men in my country look like bladee
you didn't have to brag that hard anon

Anonymous 79737


average french moid opinions, altho i do remember them being MUCH harsher and retarded around 2017-2019

Anonymous 79738

i remember being on this website in 2009 (the 15-18 was popular back then, not the 18-25) and it wasn't yet an echo chamber like that, they were all misogynists nerds but not as violent as today (incel wasn't a thing, the redpill either, etc).

i can't read this shit anymore i want to burn them all, fucking pieces of shit

Anonymous 79739

the site is literal shit, some of the screenshots are also from jvc-like sites but either way they are all equally shit and all of the people that i've had the misfortune to meet from these websites are all retarded anyway j'espère que le site et ses semblables brûleront pour de bon un jour. what amazes me is that it's been years that the people there talk about the same thing over and over again (they literally have the "boucle" meme for it now), i think you need to be actually autistic to go there because at some point it's just vomit inducing to go through the same stale shitty uninteresting recycled epic redpill they got from /pol/ or /r9k/ that they need to copy from cuz french moids are unoriginal and will never ever be original as demonstrated with the french internet scene. It's all just a copy of whatever is trendy internationally or in the usa. french moids are doomed and have nothing for themselves. This is why french males should never reproduce, i really hate the men from my country.

Anonymous 79740

What race is that?

Anonymous 79741

Tell me so I can know to avoid them

Anonymous 79742

I don’t talk to males or read anything they have to say because I don’t care. My only interaction with men in my country is when I go for night walks and they bother me. Tonight one moid in a van stopped directly next to me, honked, and drove away. I sincerely hate them and wish they would die.

Anonymous 79784

NTA but bad moid behaviour is universal. She only thinks her moids are the most disgusting because she has more interactions with them. I bet all the reasons she hates them can be applied to men of your country too.

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