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Anonymous 71276

I can't find a female friends that I have fun with, only my male friends make me have fun and I hate men and I feel bad about feeling like that. Also, I feel like everyone is a fucking degenerate and disgusting I just want to be able to like people, any tips?

Anonymous 71278

Find female friends to have fun with and ditch your male ones, also consider examining your behavior and thoughts and consider therapy if something's bad going on, there's not many tips possible to give when you barely provided any info

Anonymous 71281

it's not much to explain it's just that if I think about literally anyone I find them disgusting and degenerate in a way

Anonymous 71353

why only males though

Anonymous 71499

cause of games ig

Anonymous 71534

You sound like a fucking faggot

Anonymous 71604

get "femcel" friends that are absolute degenerates and don't care about 3d men or hate them and are into nerdy shit they are out there and they are very fun to hang out with !

Anonymous 72091

Anonymous 72153

how do u do this

Anonymous 72543

i feel the same way

all i do is hang out with my boyfriend and my brother and it's great and all but i need that tight knit female energy in my life to be truly happy

Anonymous 72568

enjoy being 18 OP

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