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Anonymous 71333

This past year almost every guy I went out with was younger than me. Most of them just thought I was lying about my age and I was younger or the same age as them. Honestly it was probably the best year of dating I’ve had. None of them wanted to be called daddy or wanted to control me. They all were still dominate over me because I’m smol, but I didn’t feel degraded. It still feels weird though. Do any of the older women feel bad when you date someone younger?

Anonymous 71337

The only reasons I wouldn’t go for it is because men seem to mentally mature slower than women, and because I don’t want a guy with no relationship experience. I want a guy who knows how to handle relationships and is in it for the long haul. But it sounds like you’re just talking about hookups?

Anonymous 71342

I recently ended up dating someone several years my junior, but I think we're on the same low level experience wise. I may have even less actually, so it doesn't feel too guilty. He was also shocked by my age but quickly recovered and didn't mind.
So far he seems a bit more influencable but I think it may just be who he is. It's cute, like he feels the need to impress me. He's actually so respectful and sweet that I was taken aback and scared at first. It's just so nice.
And I do enjoy taking on a bit of a maternal role with even my friends so sliding into that sort of dynamic is natural for me.

I don't know how this will go, we both seem like long term people even if he is quite young. There are possible obstacles I can see but they are unrelated to age. I think "settling down" types are like it from the start kek, including myself. It's a personality sort of thing.

Anonymous 79514

What sort of relationship experience makes for a good boyfriend?
Everyone I've dated so far seems to be jaded by their past relationships.
They bring a lot of expectations and bad habits they learned while with other women.

Anonymous 79518

Men never mentally mature lol

Anonymous 79524

All 3 of my boyfriends have been younger than me. I love dating younger men.

Anonymous 79560

>then the woman will spend her last decade alone as a widow with noone to care for her.
>she'll have no children
>she'll have no community
The projection is palpable

Anonymous 79568

so based. you can also just trade him in when he turns 40 for a newer model

Anonymous 79665

This thread is shit level of quality

Anonymous 79670

I don't think we even know what we mean by this, unless it's some basic standard like "don't start screaming and saying things you'll regret over every inconvenience"

Anonymous 79672

literally this. they're 11 years old forever, except that they can kill and hurt and rape you

Anonymous 79676

It doesn’t mean anything its just an excuse for moids to be creeps who chase after little girls forever. But the reality is they’re still the same person throughout their lives, they don’t experience things that would allow them to mature because society lets them be little innocent kids forever and never holds them accountable or collectively shames them and judges them the way it does to a woman the moment she physically develops.

Anonymous 79677

I've seen almost this exact post genderswapped. It amazes me how incel rhetoric is identical.

Anonymous 79678

…Yeah, cause moids constantly reverse roles to make themselves look like the oppressed ones. Are you actually insane? Incels could start saying women actually murder more men than the other way around, does that suddenly mean we should ignore the millions of femicides because it's "genderswapped incel rhetoric"? I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt of being a retarded female but I'm pretty sure you're a moid lol.

Anonymous 79679

Cry about it

Anonymous 79746

Do you even read what you type
>will spend her last decade alone as a widow with noone to care for her.
why would there be no one to care for her? She'll have no family, no children, and no community? The second her scrote dies she is ALONE?
How is that anything but a projection of your own insecurity

Anonymous 79755

And you’re a moid, because why else would you be this passionate about moid rights?Lol. acknowledging the existence of femicide and that women are still second class citizens in most of the world doesn’t make her mentally ill you moron.

Anonymous 79757

>holy strawman
youre a man. lol

Anonymous 79758

its so funny how males dont know how to not make it obviosus theyre scrotes. i post on male spaces and no one ever realized im a girl unless i made it obvious by stating so myself. i guess thats what lack of empathy and need to observe the world around does to someone

Anonymous 79759

>unhinged take a break from the internet calm down!1! Lel mental illness im gonna call you mentally ill when youre talking about moids but this has nothing to do with moids calm down!1 buzzword buzzword
Xy tier gaslighting. Also… you happen to be online the moment i replied to you and you’re telling me to take a break from the internet?

Anonymous 79760


>no argument other than dude strawman lmao

Anonymous 79763

>collectively shames them and judges them the way it does to a woman the moment she physically develops.
I imagine that's because female behavior is shaped more by shaming and other social tactics while moid behavior is generally effected by praise. Please be aware though, that means that if a man is acting like a gigantic fucking child, no one will chide him, but he will be invisible, meanwhile, if a moid is doing "well", they get heaped with praise for figuring out something. The reverse is true with women, where you are basically invisible if you are doing "everything right", but will be immediately punished if you do "anything wrong".

Anonymous 79765

>I imagine that's because female behavior is shaped more by shaming and other social tactics while moid behavior is generally effected by praise.
I never thought of it exactly like this but it's so true and explains a lot about society.

Anonymous 79767

It really does, I am reminded of saying that recently changed my view somewhat "Woman have a glass ceiling, men have no floor." While it's certainly true society treats men who are doing even marginally well exceptionally. A moid will be completely allowed to just fail himself into complete homelessness and no one will stop him. The moid isn't a victim, but he certainly isn't being helped out of his own stupidity either.

Anonymous 79781

Did you have sex with all of them?

Anonymous 83235


Im pretty sure this guy I’m talking to is lying to me about his age. He told me he was 20 but I’m pretty sure he’s 18. That makes him like 6 years younger than me. It makes me feel weird. I don’t know how moids do it. He looks like Augustus Waters but idk if I can keep talking to him.

Anonymous 83237

>I want a guy who knows how to handle relationships
Incredibly rare. I'm willing to put in the work to create a guy who knows how to handle relationships

and give me orgasms

Anonymous 83241

so he looks like a pedophile? that guy was convicted of possessing a large collection of CP

Anonymous 83242

That’s not true… he was accused of assaulting someone which I didn’t know but yeahhh

Anonymous 83255

He raped an underage girl

Anonymous 83454

That really isn’t the point of the post

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