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Oneitis Anonymous 71389

>dreamt about him again

Anonymous 71397


yeah, sucks. I'm honestly happy now, getting married to a lovely guy next year. But I do have regrets about the last ex. I don't love him anymore, but we had an extremely long history. I really wish I stood up for myself during our final conversation and told him exactly what a shit person he was. I still dream about him every once in a blue moon and it always disgusts me, because it feels like my subconscious still wants his attention, when I really just wish I told him off instead of letting him get to me.

Anonymous 71641

same. i still remember how his voice sounded in my dream. we haven’t spoken in some time.

Anonymous 71702

heard a song by a band that he showed me in a movie nearly killed myself right there and then

Anonymous 71779


I get nightmares, and they're awful, but I'd still choose to have them if it means I can occasionally see him in my dreams.
I'm afraid of forgetting him or how he sounds. I get you and your feels are shared, anon.

Anonymous 75213


Does he like me too or is he just terminally lonely

Anonymous 75215


>chat with a person on bumble
>get bizzare visions of our lives together after 3 days of conversation
>he ghosts me after i disagreed with the fundamentals of tiktok and why i like/want to use it
>get unmatched three days later
i had a little bit of optimism for those few days atleast, the judgey little fuck, i love you come back

Anonymous 75217

*why i DONT like to use it, fuck my life

Anonymous 75218

At that point both of you were being felt out as a potential partner. Since it's so early moids can be stupid and let small disagreements be relationship ending.

Anonymous 75222

>randomly saw a segway.
>gets reminded of him being a former segway tour guide and remembering how he told me the silly incidents he encountered while on the job.
>started reminiscing and imagining the stories that he told me.
>wishing i had known him sooner and was with him during that moment.
>overall wishing i grew up alongside him.

my yearning spiralled into a mantra of me just wanting to be with him as a spiritual being and be present in all of his phases of life. i wish i was his twin who died in the womb and watch over him like a ghost until he passes away.

Anonymous 75223

Okay moid.

Anonymous 75305

Wait, about TikTok? I'm just curious, what did you both disagree on?

Anonymous 75323

Unmatching someone because of tiktok… You dodged the bullet, I guess

Anonymous 75449

>unmatched for using tiktok
based moid… anyone deserves better than a tiktok fag

Anonymous 75452


OT but I hate her stupid Tweedle Dum face and I'm tired of seeing it everywhere.

Anonymous 75644

>dreamt about making out with this turkish dude in front of my greek friend with benefits

Anonymous 75649

Saw him today and am proud of myself for not chasing to say hi and ask how he's destroying himself nowadays. I wonder if this is the last time I'll ever see him, and if our strained conversation over a month ago was the final one. Telling him to "stay alive" would be the most fitting sentiment to end on, I guess.

Seeing him feels traumatic now somehow. I think because I projected my feelings for my shitty father onto him he has become a psychological vessel by which I dealt with my issues. Not fair for him but probably for the best since it inspires me to keep him out of my life.

I hate him and also wish him the best. Hopefully my feelings go away someday so they won't taint every relationship I have in the future.

Anonymous 76167

>>get bizzare visions of our lives together after 3 days of conversation

Anonymous 76209

it was just weird i dont mind disagreements since its the differences that create the joy of conversation, but that guy idk he couldn't conceptualize talking to someone who is not exactly alike? ive basically forgotten about him by now anyway

I dont talk to many people, i often just fantasize about being social more than anything

Anonymous 76239

Why not go out and be more social, anon?

Anonymous 76311


you don't get this too? I get it all the time.

Anonymous 76333

I haven't spoken to my oneitis in years and by this point he's definitely moved on but I still think of him often. It's very comforting when I am lonely in bed. I saved all of the drawings he made for me and look at then when I am particularly lonely.

Not them but I know what you mean I think. I had this with a random coworker once but it was just a brief flash of strange affection. He was doing dishes and I came by to drop off some more and he said "Thanks" and for some reason it reminded me so much of a married couple or something that I wanted to kiss him on the cheek as I walked around him and say "you're welcome." I don't think I like him but I am agonizingly lonely.

Anonymous 76342


it's even worse for me. if a guy is at all nice to me or gives me any sort of positive attention I imagine life together as if we were a couple.

Anonymous 76344

my work is admin assistant and all the people there are 50 year old women, and even older men and my hobbies are very solitary. Idk where to meet people to talk to irl, i get very excitable in actual conversation

Anonymous 76346

chen wobbling.gif

He's a coworker. During Covid he moved 600 km away to a big city where he's working home office. He's coming back tomorrow for one week. I don't even know.

Anonymous 76361


I am angry and resentful to my oneitis. I completely cut him off and told him I didn't love him anymore. But a part of me still loves him and wants to be with him and wishes to forget about how he's mistreated me, even though I know he is not good for me. I love so deeply but it's never reciprocated. I feel like my heart is too big for this world. I can't let men walk all over me anymore but it still hurts my heart having to leave him.

Anonymous 76583


i’m never going to get over him. he has ruined my life

Anonymous 76594

is that kaji

Anonymous 76645


No, it's SHIKI Tohno/Roa.

Anonymous 76665


I don’t think about him too much anymore but our breakup was one of the major contributing factors to my life falling apart these past two years. I still have feelings for him and I don’t think I’ll ever feel so strongly towards anyone else but I’ve repressed them so hard I feel nothing now about anything in my life.

Anonymous 77013

it’s been years since we broke up and he’s still the only real man i’ve found sexually attractive. it’s over

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