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Anonymous 71569

Last year or so I made a attempt to end my life and ended up in mental hospital
Got anti psychotics for 2 months straight and after I got out I was addicted to them
I gained about 8 kg
My boyfriend always told me how much he hates that I take them so I stopped cold turkey for him
One month later he told me while he was on ecasy how much he hates that I gained weight and that he also hates my skin eye and hair color
Developed bulimia and only managed to gain 2kg
I'm now a bit over 140lbs or so

I feel terrible almost everyday what do

Anonymous 71571

i really, really hope you dumped him. if you haven't already, DO IT. you deserve more than a disgusting manipulative drug addicted son of a bitch.
>stopped cold turkey for him
it's good that you stopped taking antipsychotics, but not good that you did it for a moid.

Anonymous 71573

Never alter yourself to suit someone else. Ever.

I guess the first thing you need to do is dump him. Then you need to take your meds. Then, it would be wise to focus on self confidence.

Sorry you're going through so much bullshit sis

Anonymous 71581


I wish i could hug you OP, :(
your bf sounds terrible, no one should make such comments about others weight, you don't have to go the extra mile just to please him of all people.
More importantly, if you can go without medication and you feel like it had bad effects on you, it's better to do as he suggested in this one aspect, but do consult a doctor first. I know it can be hard taking care of yourself sometimes, but we're cheering for you, please keep going and do your best

Anonymous 71594

I forgot to mention that half a year later I talked with him about it and he said he didnt meant to hurt me with it and just wanted me to lose a bit of that weight but he would also still love me if I stayed that way
I'm 160cm so it's a bit overweight but I gained a lot in a short period of time

Anonymous 71596

so you're still together?

Anonymous 71601

Yes because he's my first boyfriend and I think I still love him..

Anonymous 71616

I'm going to be straight up with you, it takes a lot more than love to have a good healthy relationship. Just because this one happens to be your first boyfriend doesn't mean you should feel particularly attached to them. Especially when they continually try to change you to suit their needs without putting you first. I also wouldn't put too much stock in the words of somebody who does ecstasy or any hard drug.

I know they are very few and far between but they're do exist good men out there that will make a bunch better partner for you that won't make you feel like shit just for being born with a certain eye color or whatever. It's your life and you shouldn't keep people around that are only going to drag you into the Earth with them. There is no one else in this world that can fight your battles for you or look out for you so you've got to learn to do it for yourself before it's too late.

It sounds like you are in an incredibly vulnerable state so you really can't have shitty people like that around.

Anonymous 71755

Let him know how he made you feel. If he does not show clear repent then he is beyond pasable partner material.
If he has a drug problem dicth him without second thoutghs

Anonymous 71758

Bin your bf and start making some healthy changes to your diet such as hibiscus tea for soda but don’t restrict. Throw away scales and anything else used to record your weight and size.

Anonymous 71767


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