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Periodic feelings of emptiness Anonymous 71639

How do you deal with it?

Anonymous 71642



Anonymous 71643

In addition, how might one avoid becoming numb in response to emotional trauma? All advice welcome.

Anonymous 71647


i get those periods of emptiness /numbness too bc of dpdr & ptsd from getting raped four days after my house got destroyed in an explosion and all i can say is work and studies help, anything i HAVE to do, that and a lot of alcohol but i'm trying to quit, helps with making me feel alive a little.
keep guns out of your house, get something to take care of, in those periods of emptiness it does help to complete tasks.
maybe i'm just a workaholic lol.
if there's one thing i could say to my past self is to not give up on my hobbies and to force myself to do things i'd normally enjoy, i feel like that would've avoided me a lot of trouble. now i feel nothing
despite everything, though,
the only reason i'm still here is to see the world burn

Anonymous 71681


i don't do anything, and they go away on their own. i sit there floating in a vacuum of, something, that's not quite stoicism, nihilism, depression, or anything actually. i let it drag on for a while until i am feeling something again.
i was never one of those, "i hurt myself to feel stuff!!!" People, as it never worked with me. This Marxists ideology of "the only antidote to mental suffering is physical pain" is repulsive to me.
i don't derive enjoyment from work/studying, i don't believe it is the purpose for which i am alive, and underperforming or soaring above rarely ever mean much to me, outcome and journey alike.
friends and a social life didn't make things better, if anything, they worsened it. having to live amidst people who seemed so oblivious, happy, carefree all the time hurt. even their anger, sadness, anxiousness, etc.. only make me realize how far off i am from them. associating with them kept making me feel dragged into the void more and more, as i have always been the friend who walks behind everyone else and instinctively thinks "our time together is short and limited and i can't do anything about it."
Romantic relationships are even worse. the feeling of being doomed to abandonments and waiting for the next break up is almost as staggeringly dreadful as that of realizing you'll have to settle down with one person for the rest your life and with that, crush all potential to the ground.
sometimes there is no way to escape, maybe feeling this emptiness is the true moment of sobriety and clarity, by all means, logically, what is there to look forward to in life? what is there that's so worth it? i don't seem to get it.
but again, one day you'll spontaneously be back to feeling blinded by trivial, short-term matters and eventually, you wont feel as empty anymore.
so don't try to deal with it, just swim with the flow.

Anonymous 71684


By latching onto obsessions. But those impart troubles of their own, so they must be abandoned for the emptiness again, always.

Anonymous 71690

crabeater seal.jpg

I wait till a new obsession pops up. Fortunately there is a lot of animals deserving love and attention out there.

Anonymous 71696

Is that seal alright :( his belly looks hurt..? Or am i wrong?

Anonymous 71704

I don’t know about the 2 red spots near the flipper but the other ones on her belly are nipples and her belly button.

Anonymous 71731

handfish red.jpg

Weird shit in the sea is the only thing keeping me sane right now.

Anonymous 71744


More than 70% of crabeater seals have scars resulting from killer whales attacks. They're the main prey of transient killer whales. Looking at how deliciously fat they look, it's hard not to understand killer whales, even if I love seals.

On the bright side, them having scars mean that they are able to escape attacks and go on with their comfy krill eating life.

Abyss animals are very inspiring ! They give us an idea of what alien life coud look like.
Do you also enjoy learning about weird inerspecies interactions going on underwater ? For example gangs of humpback whales harassing killer whales on the hunt, as retribution for their calves ? Lots ofpinnipeds have been saved this way. Thank you whales !

Anonymous 71785


i see, glad that seal escaped, god i wanna hug her.
unrelated, but you guy's inspired me to learn more about marine biology/animals of the sea if u will, where can i start?

Anonymous 71872


I would advice you to watch documentaries. There is tons of them on youtube :
-NatGeo wild : the golden standard, available in a fuckton of language. Sadly their official channel only release shorts, not full documentaries, but you can find them on unofficial channels. Some people prefer shorts tho, whatever floats your boat nonette.
- Arte : great documentaries, often with original takes, but it's only available in french and german.
- documentaries reupload channels : there are a lot of them on youtube, the contents can be pretty good, but it's often a bit dated, especially for the good content (recent documentaries would get striked for copyright claims.)
- /an/ board on 4chan : it's a comfy board, but it's still a 4moid board with 4moid culture. The misogyny is overall absent, except in pitbull hate containment threads where they shit on white women pitbull owners. You can have actual discussions with little infighting. Just ignore the occasional /pol/ baits, and you'll have a smooth experience. There are an orca and a pinniped thread (i made the last one) up as we speak.

Anonymous 71950

Thank you! French is my first language anyway so yes i will be watching Arte, and Nat Geo, i think i want to full documentaries though, shorts would only provide so little info. God, kinda forgot how good watching documentaries was, haven't done that since i was a teenager,

Anonymous 71957


>Do you also enjoy learning about weird inerspecies interactions going on underwater ?
I do, but the web of interactions is so complicated!

And I totally agree about the strangeness of sea creatures, especially when you start looking at the crazier phylums. I've been interested in learning more about microscopic life, but the resources tend to be much more academic and less common.

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