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Anonymous 71710

I think im a genetic defect and that i cant escape this fate. There is nothing good or conventional about me and the way my mind works. The only way to control my intrusive thoughts is with meds that deteriorate my brain and/or through dissociating. I wish i wasnt myself but someone else completely whos physically wired a different way. How do i start believing in free will? Every time i look in the mirror i am reminded that i cant change these physical qualities.

Anonymous 71712

All people are genetic defects. There is nothing good about the mind of anyone. Human DNA is a code controlled and transmitted by the sex drive, which is anything but good. There is nothing worthwhile to be. Your discontentment means nothing, it is a feature of your brain, which like all brains, is diseased with the capacity for discontentment.

Anonymous 71713

Stop torturing yourself and looking in the mirror and comparing yourself if others. Have some music or audiobooks playing constantly and keep busy always to make it harder for your brain to wander.

Anonymous 71716

Write down all of your intrusive thoughts so other people can read them

Anonymous 71717

I know there is no objective good. I just think that in regards to survival i function in a counterintuitive way.


Thank you for the reminder. Youtube videos do sometimes help, probably since these kinds of thoughts in the end are triggered mainly by loneliness.

Its hard when in the end they are very typical intrusive thoughts regarding existence that everyone suffers from and noone wants to hear about

Anonymous 71718

I'd read them and maybe it'll help to write it down and get rid of the paper

Anonymous 71720

Get out of your comfort zone. Go out and do something new. Seriously it's the only way out of the hellhole that is your mind.

It isn't just you that sucks. Everyone sucks. Everyone. Some just hide their shittiness better than others.

I used to fucking hate myself and compared my traits to others. I was miserable throughout most of my 20s because of overthinking. You know what the truth is? You don't HAVE to live up to your own completely ridiculous standards. Lower the fucking bar a little. Recognize your major faults and try to improve, but don't belittle yourself for making a mistake.

You don't have to be great. But don't be completely shitty either. Shoot for "pretty good". Mediocrity is pleasant and, more importantly, BALANCED. Why? "Great" people usually make absolutely insane sacrifices of themselves or their relationships to achieve their goals. "Average" people are happier because their time is divided healthily between family/friends, hobbies, and self.

Neuroticism will ruin you. There is no need to think so much. There is a reason your mind is inside a BODY. For DOING stuff. Fucking get off the internet

Anonymous 71721

Not OP but this is really helpful and ily

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