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Anonymous 71917

Sometimes I go swimming with my clothes on because it feels kinda nice.

There's something about the added weight and the way clothes float around that makes it weirdly comfortable and relaxing, but I've never been able to discover why.

I've never met anyone else who does it. People usually think I'm religious or something, but I actually just like the sensation.

Does anyone else do this?

Anonymous 71925

I did that at 17 after a little too much beer in what can only be called a large bog. It's the best. Also, showering with clothes on, it makes you feel like you're breaking the rules, but it's also oddly soothing.

Do you swim with clothes in a public pool? That must look weird kek

Anonymous 71930

i tried this once and almost drowned because my pants were too heavy

Anonymous 71943

Wtf kind of pants were you wearing ?? Those 2000s baggy skater jeans?

Anonymous 71961


>Do you swim with clothes in a public pool? That must look weird kek

I don't. It's a bit too much, but I doubt they'd let me do it anyway.

I do keep my clothes on when I'm swimming at public beaches though. You'd think that swimming dressed like that is gonna draw a lot of attention, but no one really cares.


>i tried this once and almost drowned because my pants were too heavy

The key is to wear clothes which don't cause a lot of drag. I mostly stick to skinny jeans and leggings and I'm fine.

You definitely don't want to swim in anything even remotely baggy. Wet clothes are no joke, especially if you're not a good swimmer.

Anonymous 72016

I love the feeling of swimming with clothes on too. Unfortunately the beach is very far and I hardly ever get to do it

Anonymous 72025

Seconding other anon, I like showering with clothes on. It feels liberating, in a way. Really recommend it if you're having a bad day.

Anonymous 72035

in hs we had to jump in the pool with our clothes and tread water, then we had to take off our pants tie the legs together to make a floatation device. it was for a survival training course that we had for some reason, probably a military recruitment scheme. anyway, it wasnt fun, but i can imagine if was wearing a dress or something less bulky it would feel pretty good. maybe i'll try it one day.

Anonymous 72180

I do this from time to time. It feels awesome but wearing even just a T-shirt when swimming is considered weird where I live, so I don't get to do it often.

What's the most ridiculous outfit you went swimming in?

Anonymous 72189

NTA but I once swam in my full prom dress outfit, heels and everything. Okay not swam but waded in I guess. Pretty wonderful feeling. The way the fabric floats reminds me of ethereal hair floating around us when we swim underwater. Or underwater seaweed swaying with the currents

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