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Do you feel weird fantasizing around others? Anonymous 72017

I love to fantasize and I do it all day, but it feels really awklard doing it outside of home. I feel as if people can read my mind and make fun of what I fantasize about. Anyone having the same feeling?

Anonymous 72023

Just think about how there are people out there thinking about wayyy worse things. Like men who fantasize about torturing women or taking piss in the mouth.

Anonymous 72029

Yeah, I do feel like everyone around me can read my mind but they don’t tell me. So when im thinking about something embarrassing or fantasizing I get scared and try to force myself to think about other things.

Anonymous 72032

To some extent you should feel a bit bad for fantasizing, it's not exactly healthy behavior for a mentally-adjusted individual

But yeah this is true also

Anonymous 72043

My fantasies aren't related to sexual stuff. It's mostly historic adventure stories about Egypt.

Anonymous 72045

Not at all. I have had some of my best fantasies around other people. It's easier to focus on what's inside my mind in public rather than at home, where I could just be browsing the web instead.
Also, it's much needed moral support, so I don't feel awful being around other people. My fantasies give me the energy I need to make it through the day.

Anonymous 72053


Yes, but it's specifically fantasizing about people who are present in my life or who I've seen recently. Like I have a huge crush on a guy that lives near me and I can't think about him in any romantic/sexual scenarios.

Anonymous 72054

>I feel as if people can read my mind and make fun of what I fantasize about.
i always had that feeling but i sort of stopped caring. i feel like if everyone really could read minds someone would’ve confronted me already

Anonymous 72056

I fantacize about having some weird ability to impress others like talking to a bird and summoning them like some fairy tale princess or like being a hero to singlehandedly prevent and rescue a group from a tragic event. Yeah it's childish and i know it

Anonymous 72071

me too i dont know why. maybe i just want validation because i feel lonely

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