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Anonymous 72021

>be me, 18
>chronically depressed
>socially anxious, no friends
>contemplate suicide daily
>years of therapy yield miniscule progress
>math teacher one day, completely unprompted: "You know, I think anonette has really reached her high point in life. Don't you agree guys?"
>Entire class stares at me

He didn't even hate me. He seriously thought that was a compliment.

Anonymous 72022

Don’t worry, I doubt any of your classmates care. I could care less about my classmates’ personal lives and always ignore whenever classmates share stories with the class. I’m just there for the degree.

Anonymous 72026

The fuck is wrong with that teacher. Inappropriate thing to say.

Anonymous 72028

Can we make this into a shitty things teachers/professors said to us thread?
>be university student
>public self-evaluation
>give myself a mid grade even though I aced the exam because I'm a sperg, professor disagrees
>"anon is just shy, she will have a glow-up, you'll see. She'll even wear different clothes. She'll dress more risqué.".
>everyone stares at me in silence
Still don't know what the fuck was wrong with my clothes or what was up with this creepo.

>be 6th grade student

>have autism over magical girls
>print a shit ton of magical girl shit like cardcaptor sakura illustrations and glue them onto a paper file
>teacher finds it
>"this is highly inappropriate, I will have to talk to your parents"
>roasts me for a good half an hour while rest of class just stares in silence not knowing what the fuck is going on
>don't know what the fuck is going on
>bitch confiscates my file
I think she was triggered by Sakura's panties showing in one of the pictures or whatever, fucking bitch teacher.>>72021

Anonymous 72037

I don't get what the big deal is? he was just trying to be nice? It wasn't intentional and no one gives any fucks at all, trust me.

Anonymous 72039

Not OP but how could that be taken as a compliment or as him trying to be nice? It sounds pretty mean to me.

Anonymous 72040

I don't think he was aware of the multitude of issues she was facing, who is that involved in their students lives? He was trying to be nice

Anonymous 72041

He was aware of me having zero friends and being shunned by the entire class. And me going to therapy and having terrible insomnia for half a year prior.

To explain why it would be read as a compliment: in my native language, what he said is more akin to "she is blooming", which refers to when a person has completed their journey, and reached the highest point in their life. It's meant in a positive way. He probably said it because I had gotten over my shyness enough to crack jokes and talk in class occasionally.

It still felt like unintentional dark humor, given what state I was actually in. I thought it was pretty funny.

However, this is the same teacher who practically bullied the one fun, upbeat person in our class over her math skills until she actually switched schools. That's the real horrible thing he did.

Anonymous 72084

>a teacher paid attention to OP
Cant relate I was literally invisible in HS and uni including to the profs. They just spent all day teasing and mock debating the Stacies over dumb shit.

Anonymous 72086

Same. My teachers all flat out ignored me apart from the extremely rare times I did something wrong by accident. I’m always amazed when people say they loved their teachers or that they have a teacher who made a big impact on their life. I even went through a phase of bringing random stuff in to show one of my teachers because I was that desperate for her to acknowledge my existence.

Anonymous 72088

The only teacher who showed an active interest in my wellbeing was a prof who was a total bitch but for some reason took a shine to me (I guess because I was pathetic and non threatening enough) she noticed I was late all the time and absent a lot and she would get upset about it and wanted to know what was wrong because she said she saw that there was a lot of potential in me. I got an A and she acted like I just won the Nobel prize lol. It was kind of nice to have someone looking out for me and wanting the best for me, I never really experienced that before. I still ended up a college dropout NEET so it was a wasted endeavour on her part sadly, I guess she erroneously thought I was a fixer upper and not a legit fuckup.

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