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Anonymous 72031

Started my training/practicum at my first shot at a real career/in the real world and workforce. This job I’m in really depends on interpersonal and social skills (both which I really lack and never got the chance to develop ever) to an extent I can kinda fake it?… but only in small instances or circumstances. I guess I also didn’t have to “fake it” too much since up until now I haven’t had to have or experience any kind of social interaction with people outside of my family household.

Long story short is I’ve been a chronically depressed (possibly autistic) hermit for my entire life and have had no social life or friends or boyfriend, and now I’m attempting to have a career in the real world but my management said I lack “enthusiasm” and that I allegedly don’t socialize with my coworkers when I should be. My management also claimed that I appear “startled” when they approach me to say hi to me when I come into work/training. They also claim they think I “zone out” or possibly dissociate (when they said zone out I assume it’s me dissociating tbh) when I’m at work.

Also I’m a teacher, or I’m in training right now to be one.

Anonymous 72072

Just say you're aspie, maybe they'll realize they're being ableist

Anonymous 72074

This. Make them feel bad and afraid to fire you.

Anonymous 72076

I'd take it a notch down and just say that you're an introvert and/or just need some time to adjust tbh. Saying you're an aspie seems risky.

Anonymous 72092

I mean I suspect I’m an undiagnosed aspie tbh, plus i see a therapist and next week me and her are gonna talk about the feedback the management gave me lol, maybe I can ask her if she thinks I’m an aspie too

Anonymous 72093

I’m undiagnosed though, but I do see a psychotherapist, maybe i can ask her about my suspected tism?

Anonymous 72094

I’m undiagnosed though

Anonymous 72095

If you’re undiagnosed then don’t go around telling anyone you have autism. Also, I’m not sure if therapists can professionall diagnose. It might only be psychiatrists. Double check for your country.

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