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Anonymous 72110

does anyone else suffer from chronic DPDR?
how does one escape this suffering

Anonymous 72130


>does anyone else suffer from chronic DPDR?
Failed suicide attempts gave me that feeling
>how does one escape this suffering
Although i don't recommend it, but fantasizing about death makes me feel better.
also, ive found healthier coping mechanism is philosophy, stoicism or nihilism, although considering the latter is a "temporary state" i want to invent my own philosophy, eternal nihilism

Anonymous 72134

>does anyone else suffer from chronic DPDR?
yes as a part of another disorder
>how does one escape this suffering
grounding techniques (strongly stimulating your senses in the present time, such as listening to loud music, eating something really spicy, etc etc)

Anonymous 72137

After I watch porn, see gore or something else disturbing, or have an argument or confrontation with someone, I get really bad DPDR, I go completely numb and out of touch with my body. I can't imagine how hard it must be to feel that way chronically, you have my sympathy.

Anonymous 72249

yes. it has been here since i was 13/14. im 20 now and havent felt real since then.

Anonymous 72477

we're in the same boat, . it started at age 14/15 for me and im 21 now. theres periods of my life where the dissociation doesnt hinder me/my daily enjoyment that much but its at its worst right now and has been for a couple of months and i have no idea what i can do to return back to how it was in 2017/2018/2019.
thanks, i appreciate your sympathy

Anonymous 72483

do you think it has anything to do with a traumatic or stressful event? ive wondered if that's what caused it for me.
it feels like a coping mechanism to prevent being overwhelmed. ive never had a panic attack, but emotionally i feel pushed down if that makes sense. ever since the age it started at 13/14.

Anonymous 72492


youre right, damn. it's a very unhealthy coping mechanism.

i've also never had a panic attack, i dont really feel overwhelmed and i deal with casual stress well now. these are the only "good" things about the condition. i dont experience emotions to my full extent anymore…

like with music for instance, i still enjoy it but i grow bored of songs way quicker and i dont feel the immense joy i used to feel.
How does DPDR affect you, anon-chan?

Anonymous 72505

>How does DPDR affect you, anon-chan?

when i look in the mirror, i see the body/vessel that i interpret as "my name" but i cannot feel normally/securely attached to it. i feel as if i live in a dream. i feel like i am in a cube made of thick glass and i can hear people/things banging on it but it's hard to hear them and focus on them.
i actually enjoy music still, that along with other media is what makes life still enjoyable. i can still feel that immense joy. sometimes i dance around in my room to music.
i find it hard to enjoy relationships with others as easily. often times when others touch me, i feel nothing. however, my relationships prior to 13/14 were not often good or enjoyable. they were often painful and i always struggled socially.

some questions for you anonnette….

do you think chronic internet use has anything to do with it?
have you suffered from any eating issues? how have they affected your DPDR if so?

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