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Anyone here ever identified as Bi but realised they are straight? Anonymous 72116

Feel i'm the only one sometimes

Anonymous 72117

>identified as Bi
found the zoomer.

Anonymous 72118

how did you realize you only liked men

Anonymous 72119

I always knew i did. It's just in school so many girls identified as bi, so i sorta forced myself to be attracted to them. Both 3d and real ones

Anonymous 72120

Pfffft ahahaha

I don't understand at all, but that's hysterical.

Anonymous 72121

So you were peer pressured into changing sexuality.

Anonymous 72122

I wouldn't say pressured. Just going along with the new hip thing

Anonymous 72123

this makes me worry for the future of our society.

Anonymous 72124

I'm the opposite.
I thought I was bi but realized I'm only attracted to women. I'm not attracted to moids at all.

Anonymous 72125

how is that not pressured? What if it was "hip" to do any other retarded thing?

Anonymous 72126

Lol anon are you okay

You're not the only one though, I thought I was bi for a few years when I was a teenager. Turns out I just get attached really easily to whoever and confused it with being in love

Anonymous 72127

What do you think peer pressure is?

Anonymous 72138

in high school i got into tumblr and felt pressure from that environment, as well as from irl friends shipping me and one of my friends together. i'm still not super physically attracted to either, but i am pretty sure i only like men.

i don't think it's that uncommon of an experience op

Anonymous 72139

same, and growing up in a homophobic country i was peer pressured into being "straight" or at least "bi with a preference for men" i never had

Anonymous 72140

I tell everyone I'm straight and only date guys but I'm intensely bi and think about girls constantly

Anonymous 72141

I think I have porn-induced bisexuality. It is a bit difficult although not impossible to imagine a relationship with another woman but it is very easy for me to become aroused at the thought of having sex with one. I seriously think about pussy all the time and often have to think about it to get off while having sex with my boyfriend. Hope it's nothing!

Anonymous 72142

I honestly think about 80% of women are the exact same way. Almost all of us grew up watching lesbian porn as straight porn is way too mean and gross. A lot of us need lesbian imagery to get off. The male body just isn't that sexy, even if we are straight.

Anonymous 72143


Same thing happened to me, OP. I thought I was attracted to men, but then I realized it was the pressure to conform that made me feel that way. I now accept my exclusive attraction to 2D boys next door.

Anonymous 72146

Simple as

Anonymous 72149


surely not

Anonymous 72159

I don't think it is "simple as." Based on what they've written, I believe both of them are bisexual because sexuality is innate and cannot be "porn-induced," or anything-induced for that matter. A porn-addicted straight woman might internalize the objectification and degradation of women in porn – so, she may see herself and other women as sexual objects – but if you are fantasizing about women in a sexual manner and it is arousing you, then that IS sexual attraction. A lesbian wouldn't be able to have sex with men at all without being traumatized in the process. I think both of these women are bisexual with a preference for women honestly.

Anonymous 72160

>sexuality is innate

This is not true. Its a combination of both genetics and environmental factors. Especially at a younger age what you are exposed to can have a lasting impact.

Anonymous 72161

You can't simply become attracted to something through porn. I've clicked hundreds of trannies, Mandingos, midget, poop porn and scat WebMs but I'm still not aroused by any of them.

Anonymous 72165

>A lesbian wouldn't be able to have sex with men at all without being traumatized in the process.

Anonymous 72166

>Its a combination of both genetics and environmental factors. Especially at a younger age what you are exposed to can have a lasting impact.

Anonymous 72171

It seemed like such a cool thing to be part of the LGBTQ. One one hand there were the boring, conventional straights, then on the other the colorful, interesting, special, nonconformist gays. Basically an exclusive club for cool kids who weren't like other kids, so of course teenagers are attracted to that. All the memes around it too, all the jokes you can make, this whole quirky personality you can adopt. And the opportunity it provides to rebel against your 'homophobic' christian parents. Literally my entire friend group (5 of us girls) has/is identified as bi, particularly around the age of 14.
I found shounen ai on yt from a young age, which obviously spiralled into yaoi, and then hentai on reddit. I thought anime boobs were nice and thus deduced that I must be bi. So I would actively get myself to admire other women, note their beauty and overall be a massive creep. But I only ever had crushes on guys.
One day, I was daydreaming. I fantasized that I was casually talking about hot women with a guy, and then thought about how cool he would think I was. And I woke up, realized how retarded I was being, and ultimately gave up on my quest for bisexuality.
Honestly, no one in the past really gave this much of a shit trying to label sexualities, and I think it's mostly pointless. Everyone's different. Other zoomers probably have similar experiences.

Anonymous 72174

>Other zoomers probably have similar experiences.
As I was reading I immediately had a hunch that you were a zoomer. It's really pretty recent that LGBT has become as "popular" as it is.
I'm in my 30s, and I knew from a young age that I was lesbian. Homophobia was still extremely present back in the late '90s and I stayed in denial for a long time. I was surrounded by it, by friends, family and just the culture in general. I didn't notice a cultural shift where it was more accepted until I was in college in the 2010s, when I started openly calling myself bi. Dated men literally only because they'd asked me out and I had low self-esteem, and realized that I honestly find men gross. Ugh. I hate what I've been through, in some ways I envy younger generations for having a more accomodating culture as far as being able to figure yourself out, but at the same time I'm not really optimistic about the direction that things seem to be heading in especially due to gender ideology and new sexualities getting tossed into the mix.

Anonymous 72188

Yeah I feel like there's even a societal pressure to not be straight so I kinda convinced myself otherwise but I'm realizing more and more that I just think girls look good but I would never date or fuck one.

Anonymous 72190

whats it called when you wanna fuck other women but you dont because you dont have a pp?

Anonymous 72192

What do you mean "faked"? Do you suppose he knew he didn't have DID and was just pretending, or are you stating he thought he had DID because he acted out what he was told DID is?

Anonymous 72194

>physically and mentally aroused by women in sexual contexts but don't want to date/have sex with them
>gays don't think I'm bi because I wouldn't get physical with the same sex
>straights think I'm bi because I get excited by the same sex
I don't really call myself either. It used to bother me a lot as a teenager but now I could not care less about having a label for it, it's honestly just not most people's business.
Unfortunately nowadays sometimes people insist upon forcing you to pick between a binary of "gay" or "not gay" (I'm a zoomer so it's a hot topic) which is just annoying. It's either "bi erasure, you're not accepting yourself" or "you're just a straight girl trying to be trendy" and I just can't seem to win.

Anonymous 72195

I mean no offense here, but personally I think that if you aren't willing to ever get physical or have a relationship with the same sex, then there's really no point in calling yourself bi just because you get turned on by the same sex. What's the point in letting the world know? LGBT points?
I'm friends with a female coworker from an old job on Facebook, who's married to a dude, yet constantly posts about how she's part of the LGBT community. It's like… Just shut the fuck up lady.

Anonymous 72198

No offence, but your hetero

Anonymous 72200

Yeah, I call myself straight and I'm fine with that, but sometimes I get people claiming it's erasure or that I'm suppressing myself. Occasionally I'll make offhand comments about a girl being hot and people act like that has to have some deep meaning behind it.
It might just be because I'm in a place with very young liberal people, that people make it such a focal point to discuss sexuality

Anonymous 72201

dom lesbian
strap-ons exist, if you want to get physical pleasure too instead of purely emotional get a feeldoe (stimulates both sides)

Anonymous 72202

to add to this, when I was a teen my friend group at the time became heavily involved with LGBT stuff and would sort of hound me about being one of them. I could not say anything positive about a girl without them being like "oh you like girls anon? Huh? Just come out already!" in addition to generally making out gayness as synonymous with being cool and cutting edge
Obviously these are just kids being dumb and most LGBT people aren't immature like that, but I just mean sometimes that's the shit teens get caught up in, so I get where OP is coming from. I see it happening to my younger cousin who's always been a huge trend conformist, she's identifying as all sorts of wacky nonsense these days.

Anonymous 72205

Damn anon, I'm actually kinda jelly
I dated men before I realized I was gay… I have lesbians calling me a faker because of it

Anonymous 72214

I remember I had a friend whom I was really attached to, but in a purely platonic way. Didn't wanna date her or anything, just appreciated her existence and being around her. But all my friends thought we must be gay and in love. They saw the gay in everything.

Anonymous 72238

anon who posted >>72141 and >>72149 here

im finally quitting porn this year and i will find out myself if this is truly porn induced, because if it is, surely i will stop having these thoughts if i go long enough without viewing erotic materials. if i remember i will report back.

Anonymous 72244

Good luck!

Anonymous 72245

I think I'm actually bisexual but it's likely that I have latent homosexual feelings for women due to seuxal abuse as a young child, and it's also for this reason I am horrified to try anything with another woman anyways. So I am functionally straight.


I'm confused about this myself, because I constantly fantasize about having a gf and getting intimate with her, but I have the feeling I wouldn't do it irl. Regardless, even when I still believe I'm bi, I don't care if people think I'm straight because I have a strong male preference and, more than anything, I don't want people to associate me with the current LGB community.

Anonymous 72250

i think if i had a cock id fuck cute guys too though. it just seems like it would feel so good?

anyways how do you manage to lezz out?

Anonymous 72251

then just domme/bi domme if you prefer labelling yourself that way.
i felt like this for a long time before in my teens i entered a romantic relationship with a moid friend that straight up refused being dominated and when we got to the sexual point i shut down and almost cried because it felt absolutely disgusting (props to him for not pressuring me though). that's how i learned i have no sexual feelings for men specifically.
i also e-dated a girl friend, i was attracted (sexually and romantically) to her but she was in a different country and to add to this i was pretending to be a moid on the internet back then so it couldn't last long.

for me it's always somehow friends-turned-into-lovers and right now i can't find good female friends IRL so i really don't know about that.

Anonymous 72331


Anonymous 72334


Anonymous 72338

im bisexual but heteromantic so i just tell people im straight cause theres no point in saying im bi since ima virgin and dont date women.

Anonymous 72343

Bitch your heterosexual

Anonymous 72701

Sometimes I think similarly (bi but heteroromantic?) but I wonder if the only reason why I can't fantasize about being in a romantic relationship with a woman is because I don't have the experience. The only experience I have is with male gaze / desire / relationships, and my (lack of) self worth can't imagine someone wanting me outside of those experiences.
But maybe that's just me lol.

Anonymous 72702

>Unironically subscribing to the split attraction model

Anonymous 72704

Different but similar, I was in/out of the closet since I was a kid and essentially went bi->lesbian->bi.

Anonymous 72733

What if I sexually attracted to both, but don’t wanna date neither

Anonymous 72931

There is nothing wrong with it. The only people who hate it are the group of people who seethe at asexuals for existing

Anonymous 73032

Lmao that's me. I fantasize constantly about both men and women but will never act on it.

Anonymous 73287

If anyone asks, I will just tell them I straight. That's also just what I identify as. I definitely prefer men. But there are sexual acts with women I would be okay with. As long as it's just erotic and not too intimate.

Anonymous 73288

You sound like my younger sister. Still in high school, claims to be bi and reads a lot of yaoi
Has never dated anyone of either gender and immediately drops the shtick when her friends aren't around

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