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Anonymous 72233

I hate that my voice cracks occasionally from time to time even though I’m a 24 yearold biological female, why must I sound like I’m going through puberty at random times as my voice cracks during midway through a conversation?

Anonymous 72236

That's not really bad, i usually find it cute, it's not embarrassing or weird or whatever you might think, it's completely normal. The big majority of people hate their voices, but it's absolutely normal and it doesn't sound like anything weird to others, we're simply too critical of ourselves. Try recording videos and stuff where you talk and use your voice, and with time you will actually become accustomed to it, and find that it's completely fine when other people hear it. It might help not to focus too much on this stuff, let it be a secondary thing in your life. For example, i couldn't delete the videos i Made with my pets because they carried precious memories even though I hated the way my voice sounded it the video and didn't want to be reminded of it, but in a couple weeks this feeling was completely gone on its own when i continued making those videos and having fun with my cats

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