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Anonymous 72485

thats it. all of you were right. i left this board awhile ago because i was tired of seeing sad, angry, or fucked up posts from the usual lot about men. or some form of penishaver. i got into a relationship with one. i thought it would be ok. i was wrong. i literally cannot cope more than i am right now i am shaking with violent rage.

they want to do nothing but fuck and smoke all day and then have the audacity to call you lazy right back in your face when its most convenient to them to play as though they are more successful, powerful, motivated, than you are. there is not a singular conversation that is not rooted in ego, pride, his shame, his guilt, his 'trauma', his depth, and you must abide by the hurt from the past wrongdoings of supposed bitches, ex-girlfriends. while he can tiptoe around your similar pain and see no wrong in treating you as an equal. an equal to berate, yell at, scorn, dispute, for not having as many career or life opportunities has he.

hes struggled, you haven't even suffered as much as he has, always, and you can never refute or make him make you an equal in true essence.

you are simply another peer to flex his manhood upon. i was wrong to think it could ever be otherwise.

if this sounds like the ideal circle of hell you would like to be subjected to, i highly recommend finding a local chud.

Anonymous 72486

he sounds like he's using you. not all hetero relationships are like this. you can get a better man than this.

Anonymous 72506

were you dating my ex OP?

seriously though, other anon is right. I'm currently dating a man that is very supportive of me, and I of him. we are growing together and it's very healthy encouragement from both sides.

good men are out there

Anonymous 72523

Sorry he is treating you that way, it takes time not to notice that most actions men do are fuelled by egocentrism or for purely selfish reasons. Most of them are like that, but not all of them. Once you start paying mind to it, you'll notice it almost everywhere. That's why humbleness and morality are so attractive/endearing in men. Not most of them have enough wit to even notice this, and even if they do notice, they'd still prefer inflating their ego at the expense of your self image, anytime.

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