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Anonymous 72564

i wish i could stop having a panic attack and self doubt whenever my boyfriend doesn't constantly text me

Anonymous 72565

Have you tried being extremely busy

Anonymous 72566

I used to be the same.. look up “avoidant attachment style” anon.

Anonymous 72591

Publicly accuse him of emotional abuse if he takes more than 3 hours to respond to a text.

Anonymous 72592

Has he done anything suspicious aside from not talking to you all day every day?

I think that would be anxious attachment. Unless you think he has avoidant because he's not there 24/7.
But that makes little sense. People want to be alone sometimes. If OP's bf is shy/introverted this is especially the case and is necessary for his mental health.

Calm down, bpd-chan.

Anonymous 72598

at least you have a boyfriend to send texts to

Anonymous 72635

Oops. Yeah, I meant to put “anxious” attachment.

Anonymous 73433

A thing that helps me it's everytime he send me a cute text I pin it or save it and when i'm feeling down because he is to busy to be around or give me reassurance, I can read and feel a little better about my intrusive toughts.

blissbunny 73454

This is my first time posting so hi! This is idiotic to even write about but okay so, I'm majorly crushing on a guy my roommate used to talk to. She moved out temporarily but will be back in about a month. They were never serious nor have they even hung out but I feel fucked for liking him. Would it be morally wrong to make a move on him as it stands?

Anonymous 73459

don't use the name field
it won't be fucked unless they've had something, so you're safe

Anonymous 73466

read the rules newfag, it's not that hard.

Anonymous 73467

edgy ass

Anonymous 73574

You better stop because self doubt causes one to act in an unnatural way
t. Someone who recently broke up with her bf because same reason.. I'm so damn stupid

Anonymous 73636


Anonymous 73638

You have to be 18 to post here

Anonymous 73928

Ignore him for 3 days minimum, 2 weeks maximum. Just try it out. If he doesn't contact after the maximum time, then take that for what it is. Practice being in the position of power. It's fucking great. No wonder men do this shit honestly. Process the upset, sorrow, insecurity, anger, resentment, etc. through art, journaling, watching movies, listening to music, whatever else you like to do. Think about how good it feels to have men come to you instead where you're not waiting for their reply. Let them wait for you. But don't grow too bitter. Remain loving towards yourself first and foremost and try to see humans as fallable, not terrifying.

Anonymous 73975

Based, I'd like to add though you don't have to wait for them to come to you, (some) women just need to take texting time less seriously. Be chill about it, if a person doesn't text back quickly you don't need to over analyze it. Just do your own thing in the meantime and don't make someone texting you back the peak of your day.

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