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Anonymous 72744

i come from r9k. im so tired of being invalidated by incels who misuse statistics and hate me for being a woman and calling them out. how many of you are similar?

Anonymous 72745

I used r9k before this site was made, and I haven't gone back. Once you stop using it you realize how much better everything is when there are no men. I never felt 'invalidated' by them though. That would imply relying on them for some kind of validation. They are worth less than dirt. If some fugly XY loser came up to you irl and called you a whore with no provocation, you wouldn't take it seriously. It's the same situation here, except they organize themselves together like ants. You don't need validation from men, you need sisterhood.

Anonymous 72746

yeah i need to stop arguing with them. i get riled up easily.

Anonymous 72761

I was in the same situation as you. I once saw a post saying that women get aroused from having tampons inside of them. I argued by answering that saying women get aroused by having tampons inside of them is like saying men get aroused from prostate exams.
They all said that I was lying, even though I replied that the texture of a tampon is quite rough and unpleasant, and that it ca give you Toxic Shock Syndrome or even kill you.
They all invalidated my opinion, it's like men try to keep their delusions alive haha.

Anonymous 72773

I never go there, it's self-harm.

Anonymous 72794

I have to be in a rare mood to go on r9k. Sometimes I go and convince people not to kill themselves or become trans. Some days there seems to be others doing the same but other days it's just porn spam so I don't even bother. I also like to get into arguments and I don't typically get btfo, I think I'm good at disguising myself as a male or seeming completely neutral when I defend women.

Anonymous 72799

going there is a masochism, lol, everyone is a "roastie whoaaaaaaaar," should get their tits out, has bpd, daddy issues, is an attention whore, etc, simply because they are a woman. you are a blank canvas for them to project all of their resentment onto. no thanks. have some self respect and get off r9k lol

Anonymous 72804

/r9k/ is the loony bin of 4chan.
>aggressive, in-your-face, sped-up hardcore porn ads on mobile
>gross shock images as thumbnails or straight up porn
>terminally lonely people complaining about their life, why no one loves them, weird fetish discussion as replacement for love

I only go there like 1-3 times a year to check if the frontpage is still as horrible as I remember it. There is nothing of value there. It's not even funny or entertaining there like on /tv/ for example.

Anonymous 72805

i came from r9k too and now i rarely go there. they are partly why im blackpilled on moids now

Anonymous 72806

Stop using 4chan altogether and you'll see how your mental health improves radically.

Anonymous 72816

I still browse on occasion and it's definitely gotten worse over the years
some of the moids fantasize about doing acid attacks or other disgusting things, and after what happened to that poor girl bianca I stopped regularly browsing 4chan in general
now I stick to here and lc

Anonymous 72868

Same, it blackpilled the fuck out of me, which I'm thankful for in a way.

Amazing how any general board made for men immediately descends into endless asinine discussions about sex, teenage girls, porn, Chad, Stacy, sex, ass, tits, sex. I honestly never realized how shallow and simple minded most men are until lurking these shitholes. It's pretty bleak.

Anonymous 73291

Get adblock already you goddamn neanderthal.

Anonymous 73303

Moids are non sentient. They're either rape apes, worker drones or mindless destructive idiots.

Anonymous 73499

this!! reminder ladies that you might as well go slice up your wrists if you’re slumming it up with incels. you are self harming

Anonymous 73594

Every time I go on r9k I'm reminded what utter subhumans low value men are, how ugly they are inside and out.

The thing that irritates me most is probably how much they try to gaslight women into dating low value men, that any man over a 5/10 is 'Chad' and that we're greedy whores for having standards, that all decent looking high quality men are evil sociopaths, and that all ugly low value men are lovely guys. Total bullshit lmao, often quite the opposite in fact.

I'm genuinely elated that an entire generation of disgusting porn addicted women-haters and pedophiles are going to die off without ever breeding while more well-adjusted, wholesome men continue to get married and have families. Let them cope with their silicone sex dolls and revenge fantasies of 'le epic incel uprising' and their future harem of 13 year old Stacy virgins. Just lmao. The trash really takes itself out.

Anonymous 73595

they act like hypergamy is evil and that they're better for being willing to stick their dick in anything, yet they're all pedos. hypergamy is based, no one wants to help spread their shitty moid genes. They are pedophilic r-selective duplicitous insectoids

Anonymous 74944


I started using 4chan in 2010 when I was a morbidly obese homeschooled autistic shut in with zero friends and a horribly abusive household. I had all the weird, niche interests any male neet would typically have and equally horrible social skills. I made a lot of online friends with those types and kept some for years and years. Then I lost weight and learned how to navigate social scenarios (which I've learned is actually pointless most of the time and you won't be any happier just because normies like this fake persona you developed but that's another story) and I started getting treated like an outsider who couldn't possibly understand them or their riveting individuality and sense of humor even though I'd been into their interests and communities longer than a lot of them had been. 4chan incels have a narrative they use to cope with their depressing existences and that narrative will always write you as a villain or a soulless shell no matter what. It sucks to have to abandon your own community because some red-pilled "darkcel" can't keep from going insane if he has to talk to a woman who is his equal or worse (and likely) better than him, but if you stick around you'll become incredibly fucking jaded. So yes, tl;Dr, I totally know how you feel.

Anonymous 74977

I've stopped using 4chan entirely now for about a month and have little to no desire to return. I wiped the history of it from my browser so I'd stop lazily pressing "4" and going back out of habit, because I realised it's upleasant at best and I got tired of having to overlook insanity/racism/misogyny constantly. I don't think it's done much for my mental health like >>72806 suggests, but not having to watch the far-right groom vulnerable oddballs or hear opinions so dumb you wonder what planet they've come from can't hurt. /r9k/ specifically I hadn't used regularly since early-2017, which I think is when it had irreversibly become the porn and being wrong about everything board.

Anonymous 74997

Years ago, I spent a lot of time on /r9k/. It was probably due to a combination of severe depression and self-hatred. I hated being female and being a (diagnosed) autist, I struggled a lot with social skills and friendships. Being raised in a neglectful household with an abused sibling didn't help either. Like this anon said >>72773, it was likely a form of subconscious self-harm. The time I spent on that board was part of a major low point in my life.

Anonymous 75713

dont use r9k they will RUIN YOUR LIFE or do anything they can to try

Anonymous 75798


i come from r9k too, HORRIBLE place makes me want to die

Anonymous 75800

r9k was my only social interaction for years. even though i don’t use it anymore, it made me feel less alone when i was being bullied and ostracized by everyone irl. it really depends what kind of environment you’re in and your relationship to others. i wouldn’t say it ruined my life; normies did. for all the vitriol posted there, it can never hurt as much as people irl can.

Anonymous 75823


Relevant quote from an overall cringe misogynist incel "philosopher". Don't go to /r9k/ they are mentally ill, you are just gazing into the abyss, the same is true for other boards with other types of mentally ill people you know which ones I don't even have to mention them it's very clear.

Anonymous 75856

youre retarded

Anonymous 75865

I miss when r9k first opened and it was all fun. Then it judt turned into completely negative incel talk. I finally left when it just got too toxic and I haven't been back in years.

Anonymous 75866

Some of those moids are just meant to choke on their own negativity and die. It's better this way. I bet not even their own families got the patience to tolerate them.

Anonymous 75868

Going on /r9k/ and hanging out with people who engaged in that kind of culture has fucked up my mental health, and I don't know how to get over it. I ended up hating myself for being a woman more than I already did, due to past trauma from my childhood and adolescence.

I even had a point in my life where I hated myself for being a woman so much I identified as non-binary, even though I know it's all just a cope from being surrounded by misogyny and past trauma.

I really wish I could just stop all this and forget about that time of my life.

Anonymous 75869

Samefag here, but I'll just open up a little bit more about my trauma and how I fell into the /r9k/ mess.

>Was abused and neglected by my biological father.

>Mom remarried, and my stepfather was also abusive, used to make weird commments about my body when I was 8, gave me a fear from that age of always being seen as a sex object by men, he eventually cheated on my mom and we had to move out.
>Was a latchkey child after that, started using a lot of the internet at 11 years old and never got much social interaction, was very lonely.
>Decide to change all that in high school, but ended up getting into an abusive relationship.
>My ex sexually abused me for years, I ended up escaping that relationship, but he blamed a lot of our relationship problems on me, and I believed him, plus I blamed myself for him abusing me.
>I leave him, and he threatens that he will beat up any man I date that isn't him.
>My internalized misogyny from all these experiences, believing my ex was right that the relationship going bad was all my fault, led me to visiting places like Wizardchan and /r9k/ because I thought it would make me get along with men better
>I was dead wrong, and ended up hanging out with guys who act hostile towards women for not dating them, and say horrible things like "women don't deserve rights", "women deserve to be raped", "women deserve to be killed"
>I end up getting mild gender dysphoria because of this and past trauma from being sexually abused by my ex, and my male parents abusing me and neglecting me
>Idenify as non-binary for a little bit but stop when I realized it's just an unhealthy cope.

I still deal with this disconnect about being a woman, all this experience has made me feel like my gender isn't real and that I'M not real or even human. I suffer from PTSD, depression, and anxiety.

I just want to feel like a woman again. I just want to feel happy. I just want to love myself and not feel like a broken piece of shit.

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