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Never ever make promises Anonymous 73999

"the best way to keep one's word is not to give it"
I made a promise I did not keep and I feel awful about it, please just do what you're gonna do and never promise when happy, sad, or angry even if it makes sense at the time.

Anonymous 74024

If you meant it when you made it then I think it's ok anon. You can't tell the future.

Anonymous 74480

do you understand what the point of a promise is nona? It doesn't mean "yeah ig that's how I feel atm but it might change", the reason promises exist is so people know they can rely on each other despite things changing (which is the natural course of life). You should absolutely never make promises you don't intend on keeping since it reflects incredibly poorly on yourself. Promises are one of the last faintest residues of honour being a vital aspect of your social identity.

Anonymous 74492

i meant if they physically were not able to do it

Anonymous 74543

if you literally weren't able to, sure. but who is saying that's the case? If OP feels bad for breaking her promise it was clearly on her own volition

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