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Dating Thread Anonymous 74279

Can we have a dating thread going?
In here, we discuss meeting people, dating advice, stories, rants and so on.

I’ll start first. I recently joined a dating website not expecting to find anything special. There’s a guy whom I’ve been corresponding with for a bit and we plan to meet this weekend. How do you ladies prepare for a date?

Anonymous 74281

Oh, yay, more threads about dating.

Anonymous 74282

Cute image so I'll let it pass
>How do you ladies prepare for a date?

Take a long, warm shower, plan your outfit in advance, put on perfume and light makeup, read about the place we're going, like if we're planning to eat something i might wanna look into it in advance since im vegetarian and i dont want to bother the staff too much. just be yourself, and be attentive and present especially if it's a first date, as it can tell you a lot about what to expect from that person for the future. but also, this may be controversial but don't pay much mind to the conventional etiquette, because if your guy is chill and not behaving in the most 19th century gentleman-ly way, it doesn't mean that's a red flag. Like, not at all. So don't read too much into it, the amount of people who do surprises me.
Have fun, OP, and do tell us how it went.

Anonymous 74630

What is conventional etiquette?

Anonymous 74874

He’s probably LVM

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