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Anonymous 74551

Why do I get a strong urge to hurt people who are being nice to me or are attracted to me? Just an extremely strong urge to disappoint them or offend them

Anonymous 74553

Were your parents abusive, distant, or cold to you growing up?

Anonymous 74576

Maybe you are worried that they have high expectations of you and you don’t want to disappoint them, so you want to ruin their good impression of you.

Anonymous 74578

I get that too but it's not really a strong urge. It's more like a strong, reactive intrusive thought.
It used to make me feel stupid and guilty but now I just ignore it.
It must be some kind of defensive mechanism (hurt person first so you're not hurt by them too badly if you let your guard down).

Anonymous 74590

Mostly because they were alcoholics, but sober they weren't for the most part

Anonymous 74591

Yeah probably. I also wasn't/am not taken seriously a lot of the time, so people taking offense to my words/actions makes me feel like I'm being taken seriousy?

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