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Anonymous 74666

how do i get my life together .. i was forced to quit my job i just got bc i ended up oding a few days ago n it just sucks sm i have no friends or anyone .. im so lonely i just want friends to talk to daily n stuff i have so many plans i want to do but idk how to get them like how do i get into fashion design/marketing i want to do that or anything i just feel so lost

Anonymous 74668

It's tough out there anon, but rough seas make skilled sailors. Knowing what to do with life is the biggest challenge of it. If you are passionate about fashion/marketing go out there and make the opportunities to get into it. Don't let a wishbone grow where a backbone should. There are bachelor degrees in fashion marketing. Such a neat and specific area of focus because building a brand is the base for successful fashion. Or just go for either a fashion degree or business degree majoring in marketing. Definitely more degrees and jobs available for those courses separated. Heck a college is a great place to get friends too. Having a degree is the easiest way into those fields. What do you struggle with that prevents you from taking a course to do what you seem to like? Is college not a place you see yourself being in at this time?

Anonymous 74687

>does drugs
Don't do drugs

Anonymous 74688

>how to get them like how do i get into fashion design/marketing
I recommend searching the following on google:
site:linkedin.com/in "fashion design" OR "fashion designer" OR fashion marketing

This will bring up a bunch of profiles from people who are doing what you want to do. See how people got to the positions you got to. You can also reach out to come with some short questions and they might reply (especially if they have mentoring on their profile).

I also recommend looking on youtube for videos of people who are studying at the places you want to study at (e.g. Parsons or Saint Martin's) and see what they say about how they got there.

I don't know about fashion specifically, but in general, a good way to break into a field is to build up a portfolio of projects you have worked on yourself to show that you have a real passion and know the basics. You can also contact people and offer to intern for free so you can learn (I know free internships aren't fair but they are worth doing).

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