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Starting IRL hobbies as an adult NEET Anonymous 74706

I want to start some hobbies that require in real life lessons. But, I'm also a total shut-in who hasn't had hobbies that involve leaving the house since I was in elementary school. How do I get over my fear that I'll act like a total loser?

Anonymous 74708

take some private lessons first so you get the basics and then just keep quiet in the lessons

people will just think you are an introvert or concentrating on the class

Anonymous 74725

What hobbies? If you want to learn to play guitar for example the classes/lessons are usually one-to-one. Although it's anecdotal but still worth saying, I took some culinary classes and they had like 6 people in it.

Anonymous 74730

I'm in a similar boat. I want to take singing lessons but I'm afraid to death of embarassing myself in front of everyone. Can you get 1 on 1 singing lessons ? Is that how it's usually done ?

Anonymous 74735

You get private ones via zoom. This guy offers them and he seems really kind towards people who can’t sing (see his xfactor worst auditions video). I’m hoping to start lessons soon and he’s top of my list to try:


Anonymous 74742

I don't know what type of lessons you are interested in, but if you are paranoid about how you come across, I would suggest that you avoid anything with Japanese instructors (unless they grew up outside of Japan or have spent a lot of time around non-Japanese people).

I've had many over the years and for some reason all of them always seem to think it is ok to snigger when you make a mistake but not correct you. It's really irritating and not helpful for learning. Doesn't matter their age or qualifications or where they work, they all do it.

I don't understand why they can't either correct me like I am paying them to do or just ignore it if it's not important. Many of the instructors have been monolinguals so they aren't exactly in the position to sneer at someone making a mistake. It doesn't exactly go with the myth that they like to maintain that Japanese people are extra polite either.


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