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moids when.jpeg

why do i attract strange men? Anonymous 75027

>overweight, unhygienic, ugly, manchildren
>"You're the only one who understands me" after 3 conversations in public.
>trouble making friends & was clearly bullied as a child
>every. single. time.
I'm healthy, have a nice body, and I get plenty of positive comments on my looks from strangers and my girlfriends so I think I'm at least average or a little above maybe. But I am very passive/naive and throw myself into situations with people I don't feel comfortable near. Am I just retarded? Is that why these men have the audacity to think I'm going to date them? Why do I attract heaps of these men? It's getting worrying, like maybe I am ugly like them too and don't know it.

Anonymous 75031


Fill out this so we can know more about you.

Anonymous 75035

Because you talk to them probably. If you don't, it's easier tododge altogether. Just avoid the ones that give you an uncomfortable feeling, don't talk, just be on your way.

Anonymous 75037

>>But I am very passive/naive and throw myself into situations with people I don't feel comfortable near. Am I just retarded?

No you're not retarded you just want to have a big heart, probably. Not naive maybe you're just conditioned to want to assume the best. I used to be exactly like this, and I can't tell you how many times it's got me in trouble. Guys can sense this and think you look easy to pursue to get what they want. It's a vicious cycle that never ends if you don't realize what you're doing.

Anonymous 75038

I was in the same boat as you for years. the solution is to just not talk to them. It's mean, but it's true. Even meaner is the fact that men like those will fall for any average to above-average woman that gives them any sort of attention.

If you don't feel comfortable, listen to your intuition and get out

Anonymous 75045


I agreed. I was attracting alot of (often homeless-looking) creeps when I used public transportation, one of which even started asking me where I lived and where I worked. I just gave him a fake name and job and ignored him. Another guy that creeped on me was a friend of an old roomate's, who very obviously thirsted over me. He did shit like whisper "You're perfect" after he saw my room with anime figurines and merchandise (He was a 4chan scrote, so figures.) and asked me out of the blue why I wasn't wearing a bra shortly after I got home from hanging out with him and old roommate once. He would also persistently message me.

You can't be too naive with these dudes. I just ignored them.

Anonymous 75048

It is true.

My friend is one of those very sweet, outgoing, cute people that used to just be defaultly kind and go out of the way to humanize anyone around her.
Without fail she attracted hordes of creeps and friendless guys.
Sometimes if a guy was around her age, she'd give him the benefit of the doubt, etc., but then many went insane when she rejected them as if she wasn't completely transparent about just wanting friends. Like clockwork, the men ended up letting something slip incredibly creepy things that even she couldn't ignore.
She's been significantly better off ever since she stopped caring about random men and much less paranoid, with the people she talks to being kinder without being fake/degenerates like the creeps.

Always keep in mind the majority of these men wouldn't get hung up on their actual match (almost always an obese, middle-aged woman…not that I think such a woman should date such men, she's better off alone) as well.

Anonymous 75050

What would I hypothetically put on the little people? A picture of me? A descriptive text? A descriptive picture? Asking for a friend.

Anonymous 75053


Draw on them with MSPaint

Anonymous 75054

I would recommend not posting any of that here, I've seen incels bait with such a thing before.

Anonymous 75055


Anonymous 75058

I don't think filling that out would really answer my question… if needed, my mbti type is infp and my enneagram is type 9. Hopefully that's enough.

Anonymous 75059


Fellow Tunisia gag :')

Anonymous 75065

This needs to be talked about more.

Anonymous 75070


Anonymous 75081

O seni sevmiyor. :(

Anonymous 75082

>you're attractive
>you talk to them

moids are delusional and think that any woman who meets at least one of the above is their soul mate. i bet you barely did any talking yourself

Anonymous 75084


You guys are right. I need to get over being a pushover and just ignore this guy already.
Yeah I barely talk about anything, Pic related. I used to think this guy was autistic and didn't understand social cues, but he knows. He's intentionally pushy. It got to the point last year where he would try to get near me in the workplace AND out of it too, and the boss had to intervene. A couple months later he said he was sorry and actually sounded like a decent human being so I was less curt and shut-off from him for a little, then it devolved into this. So like yeah. I think its retardation on my part for overseeing red flags in order to people please a moid of all things. Him and so, so many others. Does anyone have tips on staying rigidly away from people you don't like when they're clingy?

Anonymous 75092

And what they will do

Anonymous 75094

Keep in mind you can be a complete pushover and completely and utterly ignore/block someone. Don't have advice yet, but, well…have you acted completely robotically, not looked at people, been completely quiet, etc., and still have him or others like him bug you?

Anonymous 75458

>getting stalked by obsessive moids
Lol ok Stacy.

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