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cheating business nona Anonymous 75034

Is this anon still around? How are things going?
Been back-reading the vent threads for funsies and it's kind of incredible how similar you are to me – major and laziness and all.

Open question, by the way: how are my university cheaters doing?

Anonymous 75121


Cheated during the entire pandemic, sucked at classes and failed all when I got back. Delayed graduation and 0 skills lol.

Anonymous 75123

what techniques are everyone using to cheat?

Anonymous 75149

I’m in the same boat as this anon. Wonder what’s up with her so I can take a sneak peek into the future for myself

Anonymous 75747

Bumpity bump bump.
Been neglecting an entire semester's worth of lectures because of asynchronous course option.
Have an exam next week. Wish me luck.
How are my fellow lazy students doing today?

Anonymous 75748

Nta but in my undergrad courses, groups of students would get together and do a quizzes and tests online. People had their textbooks and lecture materials out on separate screens yelling out answers while one person did their quiz/test. They'd also share questions and answers to the next student.

Anonymous 75863


I don't feel remorse anymore for "cheating" in classes where instructions are always too unclear and the lectures/professors are too shitty.

That said, I try not to blatantly copy/paste too much and still do my part in learning wherever I can but the bottom line is I'm going to get my degree whatever it takes.

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