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Worried about pregnancy Anonymous 75274

>be me, indifferent towards babies, don't want them
>dream I'm pregnant with twins
>feel intense, primal happiness from mother instincts in the dream (it is so strong that I remember the feeling still)
>few days after this dream, start spotting for 2 days. Feel nauseous for a week. PMSing like crazy.
>feel horny in the way it is usual for my ovulation time, but it could also be a pregnancy symptom
>start testing for pregnancy everyday. All tests negative.
>babies and puppies seem to be cuter than usual. Catch myself smiling while looking at them.
>realistically know that my entire life would crumble if I had a baby
>have some divination done on the topic (usual practice in my country) it comes out I'm not pregnant, but am ovulating very strongly instead
>nausea so bad yesterday I actually puked.
>symptoms line up with my mom's when she was in early pregnancy

I'm getting extremely mixed messages here. I hope I'm not preggers anons…

Anonymous 75277

anon, your rational mind did not want babies. now you want them because you are high on hormones. the hormones won't last forever though so trust past you that didn't want babies

Anonymous 75279

do not let the baby-wanting hormones get the best of you

Anonymous 75297

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