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PCOS Treatment? Anonymous 75707

Maybe a weird place to ask, but any other femanons struggling with PCOS and not knowing how to treat it? I don't trust using birth control pills or the like because many seem to report a slew of shitty side effects messing with their already messed up hormones. I don't trust my doctor and don't have a gyno appt. until May.

I noticed symptoms about a year ago and got an ultrasound to confirm the ovarian cysts, and as of the past month I'm noticing an uptick in hormonal acne and I'm starting to notice thinning hair at my scalp. Looking back at old pictures it seems my hair growth slowed down majorly in the past 3 to 4 years and I don't know if that's due to unrecognized PCOS or poor diet (I've struggled to meet my nutritional needs for years) or just genetics or something. I imagine my diet has contributed to developing PCOS. I see a lot of women treat it "naturally" with herbs and supplements but they all say different things.

The effect on my appearance has been contributing to a newfound intense body image insecurity.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 75709

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