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Anonymous 76178

Not rlly sure how to post this but I kinda need to get it off my chest
>last night me and boyfriend were watching shrek 2 in bed
>asked to watch it bc I really liked the movie last time I watched it
>around the end during the climax scene where they revive mongo and have the cool music number to “I need a hero.” his hands wander
>kinda get roped into it when I wasnt in the mood but he goes for it anyway and I get off really quick
>notice that the climax is over after our little pat session so I kinda pout
>Asks me whats wrong
>Explain that was my favorite part of the movie
He hasnt talked to me today I don’t know what I did wrong help me pls

Anonymous 76179

your bf sexual assaulted you. you did nothing wrong. bin him

Anonymous 76180

Babe he raped you

Anonymous 76181

Well no lemme rephrase I was more in the mood for shrek 2 than him but I was rlly into him still.

Anonymous 76183

still bin him for sulking

Anonymous 76184


Lol this is kinda hilarious
He's kind of a whiny little bitch for giving you the silent treatment over something that trivial. Are you sure it wasn't something else bothering him? Sheesh.
Anyways best way to solve this is just to ask why he is upset. Be persistent. He might not tell you at first. Although tbh if he is going to shut you out over THAT and then refuse to either talk about it or get over it, he sounds…..look I don't know him and I get upset over dumb shit like that too, and have trouble talking about feelings too (hence why you should be persistent) but he sounds…like a piece of work.

Anonymous 76185

Also why couldn't you rewind the movie?

Anonymous 76186

Moids can be so stupidly unaware of the situation when their dicks start to flare up that unless you specifically and firmly tell them to "Stop! I want to finish the movie!" They will just keep going assuming it's just 'foreplay'. And even then they are just as likely to go away and give you the silent treatment. You've done nothing wrong, he should learn how to keep his shit together.

Anonymous 76187

You busted his ego and made him feel like a pest so he's feeling embarrassed and slighted. He'll get over it. You body isn't his playground.

Anonymous 76188


He wanted to watch The Thing after :(

Anonymous 76190

First of all moids can’t be based, second The Thing isn’t even good

Anonymous 76194

Don't really agree with you on The Thing not being good, it's one of my favorite movies.It's just yknow i was trying to have a moment watch shrek 2 bc we kinda fooled around last time and didnt actually watch The Thing like he said we would :(

Anonymous 76197

If it happens again tell him gently you wanna wait til after the movie

Anonymous 76198

Sorry, can't blame him here. Shrek 2 always makes me horny, so I understand the moid more in this situation:(

Anonymous 76202

What you did wrong ¿..

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