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Skærmbillede 2022-…

Research about femcel communities 76211

Hello everyone,

I am a researcher in Ethnology based in Sweden and I would like to know more about femcel/female communities!

A lot of research has been done on Incels and incel communities but research and knowledge about female communities are lacking. I think it’s a shame that knowledge about female communities and the experience of being a femcel is so limited, and I want to change that. I want to know how you found your way into the female community, and how talking to other women has been helpful.

I want to broaden the perspective on femcel and female communities from what I’ve seen so far in popular culture, and I want you to have much more influence on the knowledge of femcels. Also, I want to know about the female experience of the power of looks, as I’ve seen many of you express is important when understanding how femcels and many women feel.

I am therefore reaching out to you to ask if any of you would like to participate in interviews to help me gain knowledge about femcel status and femcel communities

If you want to talk to me first, before we do the interview, and then think about it afterwards, that’s absolutely fine!

If you are not comfortable doing a video or audio interview, we can also do a written chat interview.

You have the right to be anonymous and the right to withdraw at any time – also after the interview if you should regret anything.

I really hope that some of you, hopefully many, would like to help me gather all the right and important information about your community.

(I apologize if I don’t use the right words or terms for describing you or your community – hopefully, you can teach me how to use and understand those too)

You can either write me here in the thread, on my e-mail or on Discord.
[email protected]

Looking forward to hearing from you!

All the best,

Anonymous 76213


Anonymous 76218


Anonymous 76223

I once thought I was a woman, now they tell me I'm a femcel. I think next time I'll he a ruthless vampire

Anonymous 76225


Enjoy your safari

Anonymous 76226

Why would you announce your presence during an observation period?

Anonymous 76227

No OP, we will not raid that person's email and shitcord for you, no matter how Swedish they are.

Anonymous 76228

fuck off, nobody wants to be put under a microscope and examined, in your stupid paper its just going to talk condescendingly to these communities as if we're the freaks. You can go fuck yourself

Anonymous 76230

Doctor half the threads here are about relationships we're in

Anonymous 76233


>nobody wants to be put under a microscope and examined
She's not forcing you to talk to her for fuck's sake. Why is this thread pissing everyone off? I'm sorry OP.

Anonymous 76235


Anonymous 76237

she wants to be given info on femcels without doing the smallest bit of work herself. /feels/ isn't where this thread belongs and 5 mins reading the site will tell you that. plus people come here to relax and vent personal details, they don't want someone who isn't part if the community sitting taking notes. on top of that, it's been shown that the more this site is publicized, the more unwanted posters show up

Anonymous 76238

She is legit (supposedly, its not someone unaware of thr situation), added her and was gonna troll but decided against it

Anyways, fuck off Maria

Anonymous Admin 76255

OP has verified with me and had my permission to repost.

Anonymous 76259


If you're researching us, shouldn't you have an email with an institution then instead of just a hotmail?

Anonymous 76260

It’s strange but another researcher already did this and people weren’t so hostile but willing to be interviewed? Even lolcow had willing interviewees. Are there a bunch of larping mean scrotes in this thread or something?

Anonymous 76269

cringe move admin

Anonymous 76272

Have you considered that the ones willing to participate are the larping moids?

Maria 76281

I do have an e-mail connected to my university, but I don't want my identity exposed to everyone. Those who want to do an audio/video interview will of course know my identity

Maria 76282

I am not only here to observe. I would like to hear about your experiences rather than just copy quotes. Also, I consider it good ethics to announce my presence before starting to lurk around and make the perhaps wrong assumptions about you before you even get a chance to talk yourselves

Maria 76283

I'm also pretty stupid.

Anonymous 76288

We can tell

Anonymous 76291

>I would like to hear about your experiences rather than just copy quotes.
we don't want our posts copied

Anonymous 76293

lmao learn to read

Maria 76294

To improve our communication and foster mutual understanding, my research institute in Sweden decided that I must admit I love smelly sweaty socks after a long run, and sock play. It is just a minor fetish with no sex involved, to make the most out of life. Please reach out to me to note if you agree or disagree.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

All the best,

Anonymous 76295

if no one contacts her she will end up copying posts

Anonymous 76296

You guys are retarded if you think this is the beginning of "femcel research", most are just smart enough to be discreet about it.
You know those dozens of datamining threads where we take x quiz and post results? Yeah.

Anonymous 76297

Most users here aren’t femcels though, so any quiz results threads would be a poor pool of data if that were the target study group. Some of you are too paranoid.

Anonymous 76298

This sounds like a very dumb way to spend your tertiary education and I studied media.

Anonymous 76302

I'm a genuine femcel (not volcel) I'd be interested in sharing my story.

Anonymous 76310

>I studied media
then you have given up your right to judge others.

Maria 76366

You are welcome to contact me

Anonymous 76406

I Happen To Be An …

This subculture has been long gone since the beginning of 2021. You might be a little late.
However, I can attest that fragments of femcel ideology have been influential in other places on the Internet, with varying degrees of success, in places like r/FemaleDatingStrategy and r/fourthwavewomen. These two being the last bastion of femcel-like thinking on Reddit, where the first seeks to inform what is best for us and women in general as it relates to dating, both in and out of relationships, and the second being more politically-aligned in general, with some degree of praxis in mind like not dating misogynistic porn addicts. All of these, of course, have been accused of being "TERFs" and "SWERFs" since their creation–despite our best interest in mind for the sake of porn-addicted men who want to do an irreversible surgery and become what they cannot be for the former term, and for the latter not realizing this form of oft called "radical" (i.e., common sense) feminism doesn't exclude them as human beings per se, but their exploitative, dehumanizing "work" has to be.

In relation to this, and the reason why there are little to no femcels online here or anywhere else, it is because most have/are 1) glowing up and in the process of being stunningly pretty women (if not already, knowing /hb/), 2) focused on their career, self-improvement and/or hobbies, and 3) they are indeed dating someone now, so it is pointless to identify oneself as a "femcel" when one is probably having sex–hopefully with someone who loves her dearly, doesn't dehumanize her, and holds her hand and embraces her after doing it.

Hopefully my own reasoning doesn't demotivate you and make you drop out of your program. Rather, I want you to know that femcels rarely exist now, but they, thankfully, didn't killed themselves and are instead doing the complete opposite what the incels are doing at this moment–which is being completely against self-improvement, being pro-pornography and, subtly, transvestism, not holding a single job, and not even an ounce of a sense of hygiene (cf. them leaving shit in their pants because it would be gay to wipe it off).

Best of luck in your thesis!

Anonymous 76411


it is interesting, i always sort of noticed how anti-self improvement incelshit is compared to how femcel/pinkpill stuff actually helps you gain confidence in yourself and not feel restricted anymore to try self improving. I think the difference is that femcel culture does not want to keep women miserable therefore pushes them to improve themselves (without a care if it "kills" the "femcel culture" or not, their goals are not motivated by femceldom but usually by feminism) compared to incel culture which wants men to stay incels because it's a "based indentity and movement" and because they would feel lost if their incel space disapeared. I noticed that femcels do not feel lost in non femcel spaces, the minimum criteria for femcels to feel comfortable in a space is to have a woman only space (of course it can be improved by adding "like minded women only space" but i think you get what i'm trying to say)

Anonymous 76412


Anonymous 76413

Off-topic, but this meme is very important to me. As someone whose brain is normal it expresses so much more than mere words can.

Anonymous 76418

I completely agree. It's funny, incels always try to claim female friendships are toxic and that men have their bros backs, but in reality nobody will throw their friends under the bus quicker than a horny or competitive moid. There's also a marked difference in how femcels and incels interact with each other. Incel communities are full of extreme bullying, suicide encouragement and demoralization, meanwhile femcel spaces are generally a lot more supportive, kind and empathetic. Men simply arent human tbh.

Anonymous 76585


Anonymous 76593


>r/FemaleDatingStrategy [which has now went on private permanently, and it is not coming back.]
Welp, I can't believe my own post didn't age well a few days after. It is only a matter of weeks before r/fourthwavewomen gets buried as well because of their biological women-only mod team, then.

Incredible the degree of how much men hate us, both inside and outside of the Internet.
I know, right?
I believe this anti-self improvement started since "the great resignation," with them (incels) using anti-capitalist excuses, while also taking welfare checks from a capitalist government and participating in such a system at the same time.
These hypocrites are surely a funny and pathetic thing to see. Can't wait until these idiots post about their parents kicking them out at 35 years old en masse, LMAO!

Though, in a sense, but not crediting them–rather, the feminist women who talk about unpaid household labor, of whom I often get intellectual inspiration from. I do get the point that self-improvement could be considered as "outsourcing" training and skills for the benefit of a current or future employer. But, little do they know, you can always hide your power level and all of these same training and skills until one either moves up in the career ladder, or gets a huge raise, or so. Which moids refuse to do, and then they do their weekly autistic screeching on why women "take 'they're' jobs."
Not to mention that, at least in my case, I try to better myself for the sake of it, as it makes me feel great to know so many things which 99% of people do not. So it is absolutely no concern of mine if self-improving makes me more money or not; if it does, then it is a welcome addition, a cherry on top even!

(Goddess bless radical feminism, by the way. I still ponder to this day how would my life be without having been enlightened by pinkpill feminism.)
>incels always try to claim female friendships are toxic.
This particular lie is 100% rooted in popular culture via movies written by men.
Historically, and currently to some degree, women have always been tightly knit, peaceful, and with a strong sense of sisterhood; as there is no need to be in conflict with one another on universal women's issues like misogyny, domestic violence, and sexual exploitation–when pretty much any woman is going to experience these regardless of her race, class, political alignment, etc. The only times women have been in conflict with one another has been out of pickmeism, attempting to appeal to men similar to them which will never work and, rather than being picked, these women will just suffer way more than those who weren't pickmes.

Anonymous 76856

this shit is so retarded. have you even considered that some of us aren’t even femcels? I just like watching people fight online.

Anonymous 76876

half the people on this site are men

Maria 76885

Shut the fuck up, you contribute literally nothing to my research you uncultured swine

Anonymous 76887

I have no idea what's going on in this thread but it's highly entertaining

And by the way we're not femcels, we're literally just women who want a place to talk without constantly being shouted down that our voices don't matter. Which is 99% of the internet right now

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