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First relationship Anonymous 76262

seeing this moid for since last couple of months. However there's this feeling in me he is talking to other girls. He hasn't given me major reasons to suspect him. One minor thing though, he sent a message and a word in it was autocorrected to name Kelly. He joked about it but I freaked out about it later and made a friend of mine type in same word, except it didn't autocorrect to "kelly" for her. Am I being excessively paranoid?

Another thing, he doesn't feel as territorial/possessive of me as I feel about him.

Having seen moid propensity to cheat, deceive and hurt women, I don't know how I can fully let go of my inhibitions. He is a great guy otherwise and I want this to work

Anonymous 76265

You are doubting him because of all the paranoia you read at this place. The fact that you refer to a guy you supposedly like as a moid is proof enough.
Did it occur to you he could have a sister, friend, aunt, niece, cousin or coworker named Kelly? A TV show character named Kelly? That it was a woman from his past? Or maybe just that everyone's autocorrect software is different?
Either cut ties with him or misandrist echo chambers
>Another thing, he doesn't feel as territorial/possessive of me as I feel about him.
Maybe because its only been a couple months and it isn't yet a serious relationship? If you want something more and he doesn't kick him to the curb.

Anonymous 76266


He is serious in general and has stated clearly that he doesn't do hookups and casual relationships

Anonymous 76268

Its not serious until you call him your boyfriend and he calls you his girlfriend, instead you refer ti him as "this guy I'm seeing"

Anonymous 76270

i don't get it

do you mean cheating or just talking? why is talking to other people bad?

it is weird tho if he talks to a Kelly and doesn't simply explain it but hide it

Anonymous 76271

also if your relationship isnt actually a couple and/or you both didnt clearly tell what you expect then you cant reallly blame him.

you said he wasnt really possessive with you. maybe he thinks both of you can still talk to other men and women.

Anonymous 76275

His doctor, dentist, lawyer, 5th grade teacher, named Kelly? A public figure named Kelly??

Anonymous 76277


My bad, he has called me his gf and referred to himself as my bf


Talking as in dating/seeing/flirting. Not just friendly talking


He has made it clear that we are together

Anonymous 76286


OP here, I asked him straight up a while ago and he assured me he's not. Yet can't shake off my feelings and feel guilty for feeling this way

Anonymous 76287

Sounds like a (you) problem.

Anonymous 76301

>dating someone who uses autocorrect

Anonymous 76304

are you actually dating irl or is this an online thing?

Anonymous 76305


>I don't trust this man
And for good reason. Half of men are legit pedophiles.

Anonymous 76312


Anonymous 76314

I had to see this for myself so I found this study and another. They're not…good studies, anon. Science anons can check my reasoning if you want.

For yours, the sample size compared 20 pedos to 11 CRIMINALLY INSANE non-pedos (4 experienced psychosis and 2 were "retarded") and 10 regular non-pedos. I'm no statistician, but that is definitely too low to make a fearmongering assertion about billions. The institutionalized and regular men were also lumped together as one "normal" group.
(plug it into sci-hub if you want to double-check numbers, but you'll have to calculate the amount your article pulled from their data. The numbers are correct but the study itself actually found the average size that the men's penises grew in response, not amount of reactions out of the whole group.)

There was another but, again, the sample was low at 30 (15 pedophiles and 15 non-pedos). For this, 1 of 15 of the controls (non-pedos) experienced arousal (so, 6%).
This one is also more modern.

That said I do agree everyone with children should assume any random could be a pedophile and take precautions for that possibility, just as any stranger could rob or kill you. Before anything else, stay safe and keep kids safe.

Also sorry to derail OP. Good luck with your dude.

Anonymous 76356

I wish people would stop uploading stupid, frankly fear mongering ""studies"" without even analysing the source. Why do people want to feel justified in there being so many bad people? The fact that this study is stupid and faulty is a good thing.

Anonymous 76934

download (3).png

>hey it's not that bad, only 1 in 15 men are pedophiles

Anonymous 76937

In a sample size of 15, yeah that means literally nothing. It's within their margin of error.

Anonymous 76959


A good chunk of men are pedos and all men are hebephiles. You won't change my mind on this. I don't even need data to back it up, because most women have experienced being creeped on even when we were underage, not just by creepy looking boomer weirdos but by normie guys in their twenties too (it was super common in my school and every school I know for college guys to groom and date middle to high schoolers, most of my classmates lost their virginities at around 14-15 and very often it was with an older 20-30 something guy)

There was even a survey where hundreds of women were asked what age they were when adult men started showing sexual interest in them, and the average age was 11-12.

I wouldn't be surprised if they're sticking to the upper-lower age limit (18-20) in surveys like pic rel because they're afraid of saying what they really think. If they were telling the unbridled truth you'd probably find most moids find 14-16 year olds most attractive at best and even younger at worst. It's a truth most women are understandably in denial about because we don't want to believe men could be so disgusting, but it's legit.

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