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Weird wartime troubles thread Anonymous 76492

My country is at war and I wanna be helpful. But the thing is, my mother cares about me too much and doesn't want me going out and volunteering and being helpful and she says me going out would make her worried and her heart problems worse, even though she does go out to work or to meet with her friends. The only other person who cares about me lives in another country and is also worried about me going out and helping and he doesn't want me to. The thing is, my city is relatively safe, it's fully controlled by my country. Sometimes there are air threat sirens but our air defense is good so I'm not very scared of going out because we have shelters everywhere and I can stay safe. And it's weird, I don't wanna worry the close ones, but I also wanna help. How do you even deal with such situations?

Anonymous 76516

Why not volunteer in a safe way? Such as raising money to donate, writing letters, spreading awareness.

Anonymous 76686

That's one way to go about this, but it feels like it's not enough even when I do this

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