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Not wanting to work Anonymous 76533

Any of you who aren't NEETs and have jobs, please give me advice on how to push through not feeling like going to work. The only job I can do is factory work that requires me to work 12 hours. I barely have enough time for anything which makes going to work the next day while not feeling adequately refreshed even more hellish. How do you push through? It's even harder when I can depend on my parents but I don't want to do that anymore. Will appreciate any input

Anonymous 76536

rather offtopic, but oh my gosh that fish picture. i type crystal.cafe and the first thing i see is that derpy looking fish massive LOL

Anonymous 76542

Do something that doesn't take up your entire day. Work at the factory to save up money to start your own business.

For example car detailing. Do you live with your parents ? You can save up a ton of money for the equipment and a van, if you don't pay rent. Maybe get multiple tools. Get a powerwasher too. That way you can get more jobs and make more money. Thing is there are jobs like car detailing.. powerwashing.. that don't take up the entire day. Ok Some days / projects you will spend a full day working and if you made enough to contribute to your monthly income, you can take more days off during the week.

The thing is you have to learn marketing, learn the trade, learn to do your own taxes. Your goal should be to be successful. Look at like this "well if I can perfect this, just get this license, or just learn how to market this or do this really really really well, I can live the way I want and do what I want and have the money I need for saving, to save for the down-payment on a house.. etc"

I bet if you're anything like me your parents will COMPLETELY neglect to teach you anything, about saving about credit, about getting a bank loan, a mortgage.

Defend yourself from all the things your parents, the disgusting asshats they are, refuse to teach you or don't give a crap to teach you. DONT be a neet, don't refuse to start a savings, and don't hurt your credit. It will ruin you for life.

Anonymous 76543

It really makes me outraged and disgusted to have parents like I do. They treated my sisters the exact same way, all because we were female I guess. They were absolutely disgusting, selfish neglectful, assholes. They actually neglected a ton more than that too. They didn't care about anyone but themselves. If you don't have parents like this you should take advantage of it. Get what you want early. Unfortunately I spent way too much time trying to fix my mental health when I was in my early 20s. Holy fuck it was so ruined. If this isn't your experience for the love of God take advantage of it. It is such a waste of time to be a neet

Anonymous 76547

And yes I guess this deserves more explanation, there are toooons of jobs that take up less of your day!

I constantly keep my ear open for jobs like this. Not because I don't want to work, but because I want to work on my own things. My own creative projects. I don't want to have a day job where I seriously have no income either though. I don't want to make 2k a month.

You have to be creative. Listen to what other people do for a living. Nobody will tell you that what they do only takes 2-4 hours a day though usually, and a lot of people will deny its possible. Or that they work 6-7 days out of the month to make 7-9k a month. If you were smart about carpet cleaning and did it yourself, only cleaning entire floors of hotels weekly though?? Trust me you could do it. You could also do that everyday though and make much much more. .

There would be a way to make it work but it comes with start up costs and you must know marketing.

You have to make a name for yourself doing a good job. You can't just halfass it. You especially can't cut ANY corners learning your trade and all the essentials that go with it

You should really use that extra time to do something you love though ! Like make jewelry or crafts or travel. If you want to save for retirement fast in life and enjoy it btw I really don't recommend having kids. Don't use the money for drugs either.
It's so easy to go out and buy tons of cocaine when you have a nice paycheck but don't do it! I know someone who did this and they were so high all the time they lost their clients and lost their business. If you don't pay your taxes the IRS(or other government entity) can seize your assets and business too.
But yeah if you can finish a carpet cleaning job in 3 hours and get 150-200$ out of it that's pretty good! But you will want more money later and you'll want to improve on all the ways you can make income. Inflation is bad, and the housing market is shit, do take into account what you want for yourself in the future. Men are unreliable and I personally just HATE living with them so that is simply not an option for me.

Anonymous 76548

I really believe people should live a FREE life doing what they want though. If you can figure it out and make it work you should. You don't have to work a job you hate and waste your life at it but it requires research. Sorry this is such spontaneous messy writing but I'm not going to edit it. I've run out of time to spend on the internet lol.

Anonymous 76549


Hi OP. There are factory jobs that are cool and will only require 8 hours of your time with optional overtime. I personally love certain types of manufacturing, but can admit being a press tender / lowest level machine operator can be taxing no matter how cool I think the technology is in some places. Is that what you are?

On the bright side is there is plenty of room to learn a skill and move onto a better condition, or even just finding a better plant at the same level. I was on 12 hour night shifts last year in a plant and left because it was impossible to finish my certificate working those hours. I ended up working morning shifts in a very relaxed mom and pop shop operating a lapping machine. It's very dirty but the cycles were so long I was filling up sketchbooks crazy fast. I cite this just as an example of what can happen if you look for new opportunities in this sector.

To be frank I do "push through" because I'm like Noa from Patlabor: I love machines and want to work in maintenance. You should find something you'd love to work with too, no matter what setting it is! If factories aren't for you, start looking into something that is!

Anonymous 76558

Are you in the states? I'd recommend working for UPS. It's a short shift job for entry-level, usually no more then 5 hrs per shift. Both within the airport and in the warehouse. I've been working part-time there (I have another job) as a way to get benefits, which are great in the long run if you choose to stay. Almost everyone I work with only stays because the benefits are that good, you get a guaranteed raise every year and if you choose to go to school, they'll assist you with a package for living expenses. If you live with your parents, even better, you'll get paid every week and you can use that money for yourself. It's not a great job to have if you're living on your own, as it's part time.

The only issues I've had so far are sometimes the coworkers, but they aren't so bad if you just shrug it along. I work with the planes, so you kind of have to overcome your fear of heights if you have it, because you'll be put right up in the those planes. It's not so bad when you're on the plane, but coming off and on can give you vertigo since you're about 12-15 ft in the air. At the warehouse, work is non-stop and you don't get a break, but once again, it's only like 5 hrs. Every place I've heard has different ways of doing things, but typically it's a fast paced job with a lot of bursts of work, sometimes little downtime. it can be physically demanding. New people get their hours cut first, but if you're a diligent and hardworking, usually the supervisors will try to help get you get the hours you need. I personally like it, it's nice having a extra check to set aside for savings every week from just like, 2 hrs of work a night.

Anonymous 76571



I don't know if you'll come back to read this and I can't reply to every point you've brought up but thank you so much anon. I've looked into your suggestions of car detailing and carpet cleaning and I'm interested in doing the latter. I've been researching what I would need and how much I'd have to have for start up. I've also looked into my potential competition and there isn't really much in the area, just one and two more a little farther out of town. Plus, I asked my dad to ask his friend who did this exact business years ago and we have a date scheduled for that talk. My parents can do at least that for me although they don't teach me much else like you said. I've been looking for other jobs since this is my off day and I found one at a fast food chain and I'm gonna have the interview tomorrow. I really can't stomach the thought of working at that factory job anymore without getting so overwhelmed that I have to act out by self harming. I'm trying real hard to take care of my mental health. I'm happy to hear you're doing better now than you were at my age, and I agree being a NEET is such a damn waste of time. I'll look into other things I could possibly do too besides carpet cleaning.

Again, thank you anon, you've given me impetus and much to think about.

Hi, anon. Patlabor has been in my backlog for the longest time, thanks for reminding me to watch it. To answer your question, my factory job isn't as complicated. I had times where I was placed to operate machinery or a jig but these days I do checking on the product's cosmetics which sucks my soul out through my asshole. The work is so inhumanely slow and boring, not like working with machinery where I can zone out and collect my paycheck by the end of the month. As for something that I'd love to work with, I'd love to work with people. Talk with people, establish rapport, help them in whatever I've been told to do. I had a job briefly as a sales person at a mobile phone kiosk and I loved doing it; till my boss fired me when she discovered I'm a disabled person. If I could I want to be a social worker, but I can't figure out how to do that. So if anyone reads this and knows, please help me out.

Thank you anon, but I'm not in the US; I live halfway across the world. I hope somebody who needs it reads your post though

Anonymous 76574

Same, I can't find a job that takes less than 10 hours of work and if they do they pay so little it's not worth it in current times unless you have parents that are willing support you with money even if you work.

Anonymous 76597

I'm lucky enough to be in a position where I can just sleep for the entire morning and no one asks questions. Sorry nona, I wish I could help. I definitely can't handle working a full week either.

Anonymous 76689

Factory anon here.

Sounds like you're in the quality department. I've been offered the that position and turned it down. I empathize completely with your dissatisfaction, I would not like to do that either.

I can only give you second hand experience on social work, someone I know was getting a degree in it. They couldn't keep up with the coursework/internships (and related) and eventually just got a general studies instead. The point is there are programs for it in higher education. Start looking into community college programs and doing your gen-eds. It's possible you will get most of these classes paid for so long as you fill out your FASFA and take more than 3 credit hours. My school includes textbook costs in this. I've reached a point in my program where I only can take 2 and have to pay a few hundred a semester, but it's affordable and worth the investment in my case. That's the best direction I can point you in based on what I know. There could be associates or certificate programs available to get a foot in the door earlier than a BA program, and could still count towards your degree if you find that's the option you want to go with. Best of luck.

Anonymous 76691


Ah shit. Now I read you're not in the US. A lot of my advice may be bunk then, if so im sorry, but all I do know is here I'd go for school if i lacked any connections. I'd look into any equivalent to receive training if available all the same.

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