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Anonymous 76868

i’m romantically interested in a mutual on twitter who continuously posts about wanting a girlfriend/wife. how do i get into his pants when we’ve never even talked before?

Anonymous 76870

>wish i had a gf
wish i had a bf ;)

Anonymous 76886

unironically, this will work

Anonymous 76897

thanks, i’ll try that. i’ve never flirted with a guy before so i don’t have any idea what to do

Anonymous 76904

It wont, most moids are completely unable to understand such hints.

OP, my advice is this: you have to start talking to him. Since he's a mutual friend you can gather information about him, and from there you can see what you two have in common and starting chatting. If he likes you you will probably easily reliase it.

Anonymous 76905

thanks for the advice. i just don’t know how to start a conversation with him, though. should i reply to his posts until it reaches the point where he would feel comfortable with me directly messaging him? i know i sound retarded, but all of the friends i’ve made throughout my life have approached me first, so my experience with approaching others is severely lacking

Anonymous 76908

If he's constantly posting about tfw no gf :((( chances are he'll be pleasantly surprised if a girl messages him out of the blue.
a "hey, I saw your tweets and I think you're cute, would you like to go out with me?" will probably do the trick.

Anonymous 76911

This might work but will come off as a little strange; trust me when I say he will notice a girl interacting with him if hes focused on them.
Joining in the "tfw no" shitposts is the cleanest way to break the ice if that's how he presents himself.

Anonymous 76914

Talk to him to have fun, and throw out all expectations. See how it goes.

Anonymous 76963

>should i reply to his posts until it reaches the point where he would feel comfortable with me directly messaging him?
That's a good plan, if you get the details right I think you'll get him to be interested in you.

Anonymous 77066


Anonymous 77067


he responded

Anonymous 77076

update? what did you say, and how'd it go?

Anonymous 77080

She's not responding. Think they're married now

Anonymous 77104

he said something about wanting to take a girlfriend out for ice cream; i told him to come pick me up and take me out for ice cream, and he ended up dm’ing me. i think we’ve been hitting it off pretty well so far. we’ll see how it goes

Anonymous 77105

See, all you have to do is shoot your shot girls.

Anonymous 77106

See? guys are simple creatures, that's all it took.
Enjoy yourself and let us know when you're getting married.

Anonymous 77107

lol, thank you guys

Anonymous 77137

fuck now I wish I had twitter to cop a bf. when you said a mutual on twitter, was it a guy you knew in person, or just online and you saw he lived close to you?

Anonymous 77138


>when your image doesn't attach
didn't know quick reply and the top of the page weren't the same

Anonymous 77153

the latter

Anonymous 77693

Update? Did u go out together

Anonymous 77708

I'm interested too, even if I am mad jealous.

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