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Moids Are In Our Midst Anonymous 77081

Moids are infiltrating our spaces. I saw this on r9k. Watch out for them, and do not listen to them. They need to be culled.

Anonymous 77082

Being a spinster is a good thing though. Single women consistently report being happier and healthier.

Anonymous 77083

>increasing the male suicide statistic
Based 4chan moid wtf

Anonymous 77084

Trannies already increase the male suicide statistic enough

Anonymous 77085

still not enough

Anonymous 77089


we can take some together with us ya know

Anonymous 77092

>women can do better
90% of the time they can. I can't believe moids think so highly of themselves that they think the average woman isn't absolutely settling for their bf/husband. Most of them could ditch them and get a gorgeous, tall man in a week, but don't do so out of affection.

Anonymous 77094

I don't know, I think most women are with their looksmatch, and this idea that every woman could lock down their ideal perfect specimen is not realistic just like these men thinking they could get their ideal perfect speciment is not realistic. Women are usually rated much higher simply for being a woman even if the man is more attractive, more successful. Just my experience.

Anonymous 77095

>Women are usually rated much higher simply for being a woman even if the man is more attractive
By who? People in general? I wouldnt trust that at all, looks based rating tends to be very biased, so if you're heterosexual you're gonna most of the time find the opposite sex more attractive even if the rating is supposed to be purely aesthetic based and not how much you're attracted to this person or that person.

Anonymous 77096

Do you have some examples?

Anonymous 77097

And also: women tend to put more effort into their looks with makeup, clothing, skincare, etc. than men do. Men need less effort to be considered attractive tbh. All they need is to be tall (or not even tall, average for their country is enough) and not have a completely, utterly revolting face, and not smell like shit.

Anonymous 77098

Looksmatch is a retarded incel concept. Men don’t match women in looks; the vast majority of them are hairy, unwashed, ungroomed, out of shape ogres. They manage to get gfs only because women have no other options. Don’t pretend this makes them equal.

Anonymous 77100

Ah yes, that really "doomed" me anon oof you really got me, you trapped me into enjoying myself and living a good life without you. Oh no.

Anonymous 77102

Moids are now telling us to have standards?? Thanks??

Anonymous 77114

yeah go ahead and tell that to all the nonas here

Anonymous 77126

>moid encouraging us to have high standards thinking it will harm us when, in fact, it's the single best thing women can do for their health, safety and wellbeing
the villain we deserve

Anonymous 77129

true anon

Anonymous 77132

>"""dooming them to spinsterhood"""
>single women with no children repeatedly reporting to be happier and less stressed than any other group of women
what a curse kek. what a pathetic male cope. they can't be single for shit but women are often capable of being happy, whole humans with fulfilling social networks especially given that women are forced to invest far more emotional and domestic labor in relationships with men than men do. men are subhuman speds too retarded to cultivate a healthy and happy relationship, why the fuck would women want to be with them? they don't even make us cum lmao

Anonymous 77145

Why go to /r9k/? No good can come of it.

Anonymous 77146

it was one of the best boards until a few years ago, and it still has its moments sometimes

Anonymous 77157

Are you seriously still visiting that board? On 2022?
They have been doing so since this and other women's only sites ever since their inception. Literally nothing to worry about them but their occasional CP spamming and trannies messing with our radical feminism.

Anonymous 77164

It was always garbage.

Anonymous 77174

Any site advertised as being female intended or solely for women will have men hiding somewhere, even if safety measures like voice verification are in place. The only way you can be certain you’re speaking to women is either in person or occasionally on popular social media sites

Anonymous 77183

At its peak, it was the best board on 4ch. The quality worsened in 2014 with the influx of normies looking for le funne greentexts, again in 2016 with political bait, again in 2017 when reddit incel refugees flooded it, and later when reactive trannoids took it as a place to groom volatile young men. Pre-2014 it was a fine place though.

Anonymous 77240

he's actually doing god's work. this will raise women's standards (which is extremely needed considering how low the bar is for scrotes and some still manage to get gfs) and they wont put up with moid bullshit anymore. on the other hand scrotes will have to step up if they want sex instead of being coddled by society. wheres the problem?

Anonymous 77249

after rejecting dozens of men i ended up dating the guy of my dreams who looks super handsome and treats me like a princess, and comes from a pretty well off family.
i dont see why one should settle tbh. sure if you really value romantic relationships and feel lonely then i would understand, but as someone who doesnt care that much and knows plenty of other people who also feel just fine alone, getting pressured into being with mediocre person according to your tastes in a lukewarm relationship sounds terrible, id rather be alone.
so yes if you dont feel like settling dont do it, dont give moids who just want on demand sex and validation the time of day

Anonymous 77250

He doesn't need to stick around. She left her husband because she wasn't happy with him. That's true whether she has a new guy or not. Look how happy she is in that interview photo without either of them. Says it all. And if she wants a man, she can just go find another one. It's not like there's a shortage of moids in the world.

Anonymous 77251

or a shortage of men who are desperate for a woman. well said
men resent us for having more standards for ourselves and doing better on our own emotionally and sexually than them.
just stop being horny needy animals? lmaoo

Anonymous 77252

lots of propaganda to make us sleep with uggo porn addicts without jobs or a shower itt, keep dreaming incels

Anonymous 77253

Is manosphere propoganda. In another 10 times a woman did this, she left her balding moid husband for a tall, gorgeous man who treats her like a princess. Of course moids will never share that story with you.

Anonymous 77303


one! two! three! four! moids should drop dead on the floor!

Anonymous 77324

found the /r9k/ OP

Anonymous 77346


kek I think op screenshot is the real moid psyop, why would this moid be happy he helped patriarchy fail

Anonymous 77347

tbh i don't get it. there's not many signs middle aged single men fare better than middle aged single women, who tend to have better social support networks, suffer from mental illness less, and be less lonely–obviously not all but more than men, that's for sure. So, idk why the meme still goes "haha, wahman is spinster!" being single is actually more viable than ever, especially if you invest in your friendships.

Anonymous 77361

As if it was going to work
It is so much forced and the way they type so retarded. No one is going to listen to stupid frustrated gay boys

Anonymous 77390

i think you guys are thinking too rationally about this. they are delulu and huff their own farts all day. they sincerely believe they have something worth putting up with KEK. they think they're depriving us of something we actually want when in reality it's a fucking nightmare putting up with them and they can't offer shit or even make us cum. useless trash.

Anonymous 77628

lol it's literally better to be single than to date a loser anyway

Anonymous 77629

I'd rather be a loser with another loser instead of a loser and alone at this point

Anonymous 77630

You'll just be doubling your problems. Women and men both should stop getting together out of loneliness.

Anonymous 77632

Oh no, he really trolled us

Anonymous 77642

>dooming women to spinsterhood
>not realizing hes doing most women a favor

Anonymous 77643

depends what kind of loser. some losers are simply mediocre and mildly pitied or made fun of by luckier people, other losers are actively detrimental to your life. the former type can be great if they’re basically competent and well-intentioned people who are committed to living a decent life but just aren’t ambitious or classy or whatever, but there are so many people who just wanna mooch off of you any way they can and have nothing but ugly thoughts.

Anonymous 77651

And that's why you're still a loser.

Anonymous 77652

Maybe in their 20's. I cannot believe the same for later in life. I cannot imagine living exactly like this for the rest of time. That is a tvought more horrid than i dare think.

Anonymous 77671

Agree. People being together out of loneliness or "they can't handle being single" usually end up in shitty relationships they can't get out of. You need to be in a relationship with a good man, or a construction worket who makes good money or something.

Anonymous 77794

That is, unless you're that one woman at Walmart living out of her car which is filled to the ceiling so you can't look out the back window.

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