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Anonymous 77148

>try tinder
>guys keep asking me about my age
>I have to put in my bio that Im definitely 24
>get called jailbait

Anonymous 77150



Anonymous 77151


Give up tinder

Anonymous 77152

Why do u guys not like tinder

Anonymous 77156

Lurk more before posting, please.

Anonymous 77158

I’ve seen plenty of people talking about dating, using tinder or just dating apps in general. What’s the problem ?

Anonymous 77162

The problem is you have to be a retarded pickme to seriously think tinder is anything more than just a hookup app for dumb normies

Anonymous 77165

She never claimed she wanted anything other than a hookup though.

Anonymous 77166


I don’t know
For me it’s a personal feeling I really dont like the whole concept of it. It’s so akward and there is too much unwritten rules that you need to understand. It would be better to spend your time to learn a new software or skills instead of just swapping troons/males.

Anonymous 77186



Anonymous 77193

I knew classmates who got long-term relationships off Tinder. Then again, those probably started off as hookups. Anyways, dating apps all suck and the pool of men is terrible so I don’t bother anymore. Even when I had an extremely brief hookup phase, talking to normie men on Tinder was a massive pain and it’s not worth dealing with their sheer mind-numbing normiedom.

Anonymous 77199

Are you guys just upset you can’t use tinder because you don’t get matches?

Anonymous 77213

Using Tinder to build relationships with your matches is like using Facebook to have intellectual discussions with your -friends-.

Anonymous 77219

you can try to use tinder to get a bf but the chances on that are slim
most just use it to hook up and if they really like their hook up they pursue them.
if there are a million options on tinder with the slim chance that you can get someone 'out of your league' or higher, it's a chance ppl take which then creates a dissatisfaction game between both parties. they have the mentality that there is something better out there so they don't settle with someone who is in their league when they really should be doing that and be happy with that person.
anyway once someone settles they feel unhappy because they know there is someone out there who is "richer/more beautiful/better personality/better family/insert any good characteristic here and are addicted to dating apps and try looking again.

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