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Anonymous 77380

How do I cope with disliking most people?

Anonymous 77384


Get a friend who also hates everyone.

Anonymous 77391

You're being vague, but even though I 'dislike' most people (I find them beneath me), I never really had the super antisocial 4chan personality so I'm able to be momentarily polite to them anyways, and I've built up a stoic kinda mind over the years through internal discipline and nowadays don't let them get me too mad when they do or say something cringe (I feel a mix of pity and disdain for a bit and then do my best to move my mind to something else rather than spend too much time on it). Maybe that.

This too

Anonymous 77392

enjoy your own company and find people whose company you appreciate. why do you dislike most people?

Anonymous 77395

Self love

Anonymous 77417

Does anybody force you to be friends with them or anything like this?

Anonymous 77419

this is it lol. this is the real solution

Anonymous 77442

fpbp, but easier said than done. In the meantime, try meeting more mentor-like figures if your peers are letting you down.

Anonymous 77447

get an autism diagnosis

Anonymous 77467

How is that going to help

Anonymous 77559

>tfw no introvert bf

Anonymous 77568

Journals books and a garden. And tons of reptile vivariums.

Anonymous 77569

But what if you have no interest I this arrangement at all. It is too easy for me to discover I hate a person, especially. (Not the op) my god do I hate people.

Anonymous 77634

What if I will hate them too eventually

Anonymous 77636

pursue solitary activities or just be with people you can bear. no shame in enjoying your own company

Anonymous 77645

get a cat

Anonymous 77767

i'd like to tell you there's plenty of guys out there who feel the same, but there's only likely to be a few
if you could find one that has a disdain for others to the level you do and get along with him, you might solve your interpersonal issues by insulating yourself within love

Anonymous 77769

dont get a misanthropic bf, women like you are just closed off, whereas men like them shoot up public places

Anonymous 77779

Then you have to fight to the death.

Anonymous 77785

but why do you dislike most people?

Anonymous 78278

Don't keep them around. You can walk on gravel, but you don't keep a driveway in your pocket. Only keep the good ones. Decide what qualities you admire in people and look for them in your interactions with others. And, also, maybe don't take the walking on metaphor too seriously. They're just people, and you're just a person too.

Anonymous 78284

>They're just people, and you're just a person too.
What an oddly calming thing to say. I think reminding myself of mine and other's simplicity of what we are like that helps me.

Anonymous 78289

Video games and an endless stream of watching garbage on YT.

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