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Anonymous 77406

>Do you talk to yourself?
>How often and why?

I talk to myself constantly- even in public sometimes. It's because of some stupid psychosis that makes me think there are people watching me who need explanations for every little thing I do and think. It's also because I'm lonely.

Anonymous 77408

I talk to myself when I'm alone sometimes. I always whisper it so my neighbours don't hear me. Usually I'm rehearsing something I would like to say to someone, or I'm just practising speaking generally. It never works though. I still can't talk to people properly.

Anonymous 77409

Yes especially when I want to reassured myself in a stressful situation, or reverse, in a good situation. I like to list how Im going to get out of it or how im going to enjoy.
Also I talk to me but it’s not me it’s me but not meeeee it’s like a homemade friend that I have since 7
I dont see as a sad thing because it’s fun

Anonymous 77413

I talk to myself internally all day with the voice of my best friend. I know it's unhealthy, but it's nice having a cool, calm, detached and logical voice in my head that can make rational decisions, then try to convince me to make those decisions even when I'm neurotic, fatalistic and emotional. I know it's impossible, but I also feel like the voice is smarter than me.

Anonymous 77694

Yes i do, I explain things all the time, i miss when it was quiet up there

Anonymous 77695

Before tumblr was a thing, I made up what would now be called headmates. After someone said they saw me talking to myself I made myself stop out of embarrassment. I’ve been thinking of making a new one recently though.

Anonymous 77714

You dont need a headmate anon, we are all your headmates now

Anonymous 78260

I always had conversations with myself ever since I was a child. Sometimes relatives surprised me doing so, and felt embarassed but I kept doing it anyway.
To this day I still do it everyday whenever I'm alone. Sometimes I do it in public when there isn't anyone close.
I do it because talking out my thoughts allow them to be more consistent and less over the place. This way it's easier for me to form coherent, semantic reasonings.
For me it's just thinking out loud, it doesn't harm anyone, and is even beneficial to myself, so there isn't any reason why I would stop doing it, even if it's "weird".

Anonymous 78262

>tfw no headmate

Anonymous 78267

just short bursts of a few words to myself when im over emoting bc autism. im not screaming or anything tho
i tried doing something similar in middle school, i was just so bored and kinda friendless that i tried talking to myself as if i was having a conversation with another me. this got boring pretty soon bc it was just me after all i already knew what i was gonna say. when i was more mentally ill i thought about trying self induced schizophrenia aka tulpa bf

Anonymous 78277

It helps guide my train of thought. I am prone to mental distraction, so verbally expressing thoughts, even if I'm just mouthing the words helps me focus and work through any mental scenario I'm thinking about. I will often converse with my own head voice verbally.

Anonymous 79347


When I am outside I am almost always wearing headphones unless I am talking to someone and the very few times I am not I find it very hard not to talk to myself. A few months ago they broke and it took me like 3-4 days to get new ones (idk why) and during htose 3-4 days I walked around the city talking to myself constantly, I tried to be quiet around people, but I found it genuinely difficult to be silent for longer than a few mins.

Anonymous 79348

If you wear a mask they won't see your lips move

Anonymous 79349

>Do you talk to yourself?
>How often and why?
On the daily when thinking of something intensive or doing chores. Normally my internal monologue suffices to help me keep track of things, but talking out loud increases my sense of control.

Anonymous 79350

Instead of making a head friend I've decided to make a head family. I'm no contact with my family but I often wish I had one. It's not like I can ever get another real family so it's this or nothing.

When I made my head friend before I thought of all the coolest characteristics I could think of but this time I'm just letting them come to me when I'm half asleep. Like a real family, I don't get to choose.

Anonymous 79365

I have pretend conversations with people in my life in my head all the time. Or just imagine speaking/writing to a jornal or general audience. So kind of? It helps me process things and feel less lonely I guess.

A coworker once told my friend I worked with that I talk to myself under my breath at meetings so maybe I do and I just don't notice.

Anonymous 79366

My train of thought sounds like whatever I was listening to most recently.

I don't just mean that my inner monologue is more formal after I listen or read formal content. I will literally hear the voice speaking in different accents, with different phrases of speech / mannerism, etc…

I might be dumb, idk

Anonymous 79385

I talk to my cat. She has won. :v

Anonymous 79461

Yes, never in public tho. But alone i can talk to myself for hours

Anonymous 80213

Always. I never talk to myself in public but with masks I started doing it a bit nut nothing as intense as talking to myself.
I do it because im bored or im thinking out loud or acting something out.

Anonymous 80214

When I have strong feelings that I have to let out in some way, yeah i start to do that. Even in public, but only if no one else is around that could hear me. I mostly do it while looking out the window though, and only if I can form what I feel into proper sentences.

Anonymous 80215

Holy fuck yes i literally do it all the time. It started when i was younger and would pretend im showing youtube my recipe or answering a random interviewer s question about my life. Now whenever im alone i feel like i have to talk to myself and to explain my actions as to keep myself mentally composed. Thanks for sharing nona feels good to say this

Anonymous 80375

all the time, and im done with letting people make me feel bad for it.

Anonymous 80413

i talk to myself alone. i think its cute when others do it

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