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Anonymous 77430

does anyone else feel like they deserve suffering? i don't know how to explain it.

i mainly just feel like no matter what i endure, it is never enough. the universe has chosen to make me lonely and have people leave me, as well as put me into existence right in perfect timing to live on this planet that acts as a prison. no matter how much i scream, or cry, when i feel like i've hit a new low, there is somehow even lower. i've begun to accept my fate and anticipate the inevitability of being alone and hurt over & over. but knowing i'll be likely trapped in this cycle forever is what scares me the most. i don't know why i can't just be happy like a normal person, and have a normal happy life with friends and loved ones.

>the pain and suffering truly is never-ending.

Anonymous 77434

It's moments like these that I'm upset CC doesn't let you post about religion. God loves you nona, find him.

Anonymous 77435



Anonymous 77438

When you know the curse it’s when you can stop it I wish you the best.

Anonymous 77441

I have always felt the capacity for human suffering is infinite, while our capacity for joy maxes out quickly. You can always go lower, but you can only go so high. I suggest adopting the Absurdist philosophy nona, it's more fun than Nihilism and will let you have some nice sardonic moments as you cope through trying to have normal interactions.

Anonymous 77472


>God loves you

Anonymous 77474

You don’t need to adopt an ideology or religion. One day you will simply become numb to the pain. In the mean time, make the best of your capacity to feel. If you’re going to suffer you might as well do it with style.

Anonymous 77477


thanks for an actual response.

its all in knowing no matter my achievement or how 'cool' i play it, as you'd put it anon, is that i will be put through more suffering. it feels like the universe has its karma/balance scale broken when the rng applied to me for whatever reason so here i am. even if i managed to fake it until i make it, when i do make it, i will be kicked back down.

how are you supposed to fight something that feels so predetermined

Anonymous 77487

I‌ used to think like that because I genuinely am an incredibly unlucky person and my family left me unfulfilled since childhood. I‌ genuinely never feel like that anymore after finding a romantic partner whom ‌I‌ can wholly love without bitterness (and he feels the same way, of course) I don't mean to tell you to go outside and kiss a guy right now because it has to be someone special. It's not about romance but receiving pure kindness. The truth is that your suffering is not that special, it's just that you have shown nothing but evil which makes you focus on it thinking you are born to suffer and fate will not let you be happy. Perhaps you can find temporary comfort in statistics, miracles are rare but are bound to happen at some point.

No religion will help a person feeling like this. The cause does not come from within, it is a result of being unloved by one's peers, never feeling right even with family. Pretending some dubious magical entity is always out there for you will only make people like OP‌ even lonelier, or even worse, delusional

Anonymous 77488

Can we stop with the “an hero” meme already? It started after a kid committed suicide and his parents were harassed by 4chan. I don’t care about people being told to kill themselves because that’s how people talk online. No one takes it seriously. But a meme based on a kid’s suicide is well overdue being binned.

Anonymous 77492

How the fuck is anyone outside of a niche chronically online group supposed to know its origins. very martyr / holier than thou behavior, anon.

Anonymous 77495

Go back.

Anonymous 77497

Yes, I even put myself in those situations on purpose when I know I'll get hurt. I hate it and I know it makes me feel like shit but I still do it.

Anonymous 77498

That meme is old as shit, the only reason why you wouldnt know it is if you're young or didnt have internet access in early 2000s

Anonymous 77513

Are you one of those people that use words they don't understand the meaning of? Why would you use a meme you don't understand? Dumbass

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