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narcissists Anonymous 77674

i’ve been in back to back relationships with narcissists (though it was easier for me to subconsciously seek the 2nd one out because i was craving the push/pull already). i left the first one feeling worthless and discarded and craving love. 2 months later i met the second one who i proceeded to fall in love with way too fast, he started talking long term so i felt safe. only for him to wake up one day 3 months later and tell me he feels nothing for me. none of my past relationships were this shit till the first one. now i fear i’m stuck in a loop of seeming desperate for love; attracting people who only wish to take advantage of that

Anonymous 77681

Take several months out from dating and become a whole person by yourself so that you will be happy to leave if you are not happy. Read forums for other people's accounts of narcs so you know what to look for. Make a list of what you want in a partner and be specific. When you do date someone, check in with yourself once a week to make sure your needs from the list are all being met.

Anonymous 77736

i did really need to hear that thanks. haven’t heard the list suggestion before tbh so i’m gonna start on that now. already taking a break from dating/social media. we gonna make it

Anonymous 78397

I think my mom is one or is very near to being one.

Anonymous 78398


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