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My dead crush Anonymous 7776

When I was a depressed NEET a few years ago I started reading old literature to cope. I found a writer I really identified with and started reading about his life, too. After a while I started to dream about him, and was a little obsessed. I'd daydream about being born decades and decades ago when he was still young and alive, meet him, and we'd fall in love and be together. Sometimes when I was in worse mood I'd think about killing myself and meeting him in the afterlife kek.
I think I fell in love with "him" and this feeling lasted a long time until I broke free from neetdom.
I want to know if what I went through is common at all… Maybe it isn't and I am a freaky weirdo, but I want to know if anyone here has ever had any similar experience.

Anonymous 7780

Pretty common feel for NEETs. In fact, it's the same kind of feel that lends itself to attachment with fictional characters, no matter how long ago they were written…

Anonymous 7813

No, why

Anonymous 7817


i know the feel… somewhat. i've never fallen in love with an existing fictional character pe se, but i enjoy history and older films and music. a lot of the men i find myself interested in were young sometime between the middle ages and the '80s, no later. sometimes i look at older photos of young men or classical art and it makes me sad i wasn't around during their point in history. i'm currently writing a screenplay rn and it's a period piece and i'm not afraid to admit i'm in love with one of my characters. tbh the main reason i'm doing it is because i had a dream about this guy and decided to write about him as a way of interacting with his life. he'd probably only be like 57 today but yeah. i kinda get what u mean… (sorry if this was cringey at all)

Anonymous 7824

>tfw not white so I can't daydream about the good old days without remembering i'd likely be treated like shit

Anonymous 7826

maybe you were white in your past life or lives so you did at some point get to experience the good old days without being treated like shit

Anonymous 7827


>fell in love with a dead gay serial killer

i love you jeff

Anonymous 7838

>all white woman are of noble blood
Hold your unreasonable racial hatred back for just a moment, please.

Anonymous 7840

Don't lie to me.

Anonymous 7842


it's ok non, we are all in love with jeff

Anonymous 7843



Anonymous 7965


if i ever get a tall blond bf, i will definitely make him wear the glasses while we fuck

Anonymous 7966


Anonymous 7969


gave me a laugh anon. but seriously more dudes should wear aviators

Anonymous 7974


For me it was the dead mass murderer. I wish I could retard my mental faculties just enough to believe in resurrection.

Anonymous 7975

images (3).jpeg

>several anons in love with a dead gay serial killer

I'm happy my dead crush is just a writer

Anonymous 7991

as far as you know…

Anonymous 8005



Anonymous 8026

Is this a mass murderer? Was he 14? Shocking lol

Anonymous 8043

It's young Adam Lanza.
I'm not sure if you're making a joke, so ignore my obtuseness if it was.

I just realized a guy I had a crush on last year has a very similar face to (adult) Lanza. Feels weird, he isn't even of the same race.

Anonymous 8109

relevant song (though it's about dead women)

Anonymous 21645

Anonymous 21649

I've had this but with fictional characters. Anime characters. Two of them. I had constant fantasies about the first one for three years, since I was 12 until I turned 15 and found the other one. I've been with the other one for four years already… I spend a lot of time by myself so I talk to them… It's fun, I know my fantasies aren't real but they make me happy

Anonymous 21652

Hold on OP, you haven't told us who the writer was

Anonymous 21659

>replying to a post that is 7 months old

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