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Anonymous 77798

Does anyone wanna be friends? I want friends who are like me but i cant find anyone like me irl and im feeling alone thought maybe id have better luck here!

Anonymous 77802

are you a trannoid

Anonymous 77806

no, why?

Anonymous 77807

ok, add me on discord papaya#4911

Anonymous 77810

>friends who are like me
What are you like?

Anonymous 77818

just making sure. you sound new

Anonymous 77823



Anonymous 77837

There's nothing wrong with it

Anonymous 77947

added u

Anonymous 77948

a friendly girl interested in the meme noosphere.

Anonymous 77998

That doesn't tell me very much

>Conservative or liberal?

>Terf or tranny supporter?
>Favorite book and book genre?
>besides memes what are you passionate about?
>what are your hobbies or interests?

Anonymous 78009

I’m the one you replied to, i don’t really care for your politics except if you support trannies or not since that tells me everything i need to know. And your hobbies/interests kek

Anonymous 78627

am i late to this?

Anonymous 78856

I am not sure, I think I'm a bit late too. But I've been trying to make friends. Wanna add each other on discord or something?

Anonymous 81361

naw whats up

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