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cant stop smiling Anonymous 77842

i keep smiling and laughing in a very stupid manner. with friends and family, with strangers. how do i stop laughing all the time? how do i control my emotions? i want to come off serious and be taken serious. it doesnt help that im very short and therefore not intimidating at all. really cant help but laugh or smile pretty much everytime anyone says something to me.

Anonymous 77846

If your laughing and smiling is so powerfully reflexive (pretty much everytime anyone says something!) that it happens no matter how much you exert friction on your facial muscles, then you'll have to just accept it. If you can stop it physically even once, then that means you'll just have to be mindful when you're in situations where you might laugh/smile and be ready to nip it in the bud. Idk what else to say. If you have the mental self-discipline, you can watch what you say/do and choose not to do something. Cheers.

Anonymous 77848

okay, alright. will just try to focus on it then.

Anonymous 77849

dont have the answer but in the same boat OP it sucks

Anonymous 77852

I had this problem in high school and was always very self-conscious about it possibly making me looking like a psycho serial killer. It's like the opposite of resting bitch face, although I used to have that too and would have still preferred it instead.

I've heard biting your tongue can work but if you have this problem constantly, especially out of social anxiety like I have, then you'd just be biting your tongue all the time. You don't want to damange it and have something happen like biting too hard, making your mouth bleed in public, then making yourself even more embarrassed, etc.

Anonymous 77949

this breaks my heart. there is no room for silly girls in this world </3
used to try not to laugh and b srs because it does seem such cooler than when im autistically smiling and laughing. to answer ur quesion what i did to smile less was practice saying stuff that makes me laugh with a straight face and when i caught myself saying stuff all excited i would stop myself and repeat it calmly to train myself. I stopped tho because why not enjoy the fancy pretty funny things in this world. I HATE that im made to feel like thats not cool or not ok.

Anonymous 77981

i usually just have a number of things to think about to feel sad and unhappy (e.g.: guys who have rejected me in particularly uncomfortable ways, awkward moments from the past, and so on, everyone has these) every time i feel my mouth moving into a smile by itself, that kinda stops the reflex. generally being depressed helps this lol. biting my tongue never worked for me, for some reason, only emotional pain works

Anonymous 78022

Anons we’re not doing it because we’re silly or fun, it’s an uncontrollable tick and it’s painfully embarrassing. At least in my case

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