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how to stop looking masculine? Anonymous 77908

i have very masculine facial features and ppl often mistake me for a young man. it makes me rlly insecure because my character doesn't correspond to this image of me at all. should i go for plastic surgery or use makeup? i'm kind of a tomboy and i never rlly used makeup before, it feels like 'cheating'

Anonymous 77912

What are the features in question?

Anonymous 77918

Same question as >>77912, but also: do you wear dresses/skirts or at least non-oversized clothing? And how long is your hair? In my experience, these aspects are the most important for people to identify you as female (one of my moid friends had long hair for a while and wore simple androgynous clothing, and even his extended family members sometimes called him "she" lmao, despite his facial features being somewhat "cute boy" but not "girl"). I used to wear "tomboy"-style clothing and cut my hair in an "undercut" shape and everyone always thought I was a teenage boy. Now that I (unrelated to perceived gender issue) mostly choose clothes that accentuate my figure (or at least tight top+loose bottom or loose top+tight bottom) and have a shaggy mullet hairstyle nobody ever thinks I'm not a woman. Never worn any make up, or done plastic surgery. I think it's much more about how you present yourself than this borderline-unchangeable stuff like facial features, you're likely overestimating how masculine your features are anyway (unless you're a troon lol).

Anonymous 77922

Don't be insecure about your looks and use them to your advantage, if you want to modify your body do it through exercise.

Anonymous 77923

i have a really defined jawline and generally a square face, ppl even think i'm a male with long hair. not a trans woman, i'm cis female. i usually wear very practical clothing, most girls around me don't wear dresses/skirts either, this feminine style is rather unusual where i live.
thanks, anon. this is going to sound like trolling now but i actually want to build up more muscle mass. idk, i will probably never look feminine. it's a bit sad, it's honestly all in the face. if i had feminine facial features, nobody would question my biological sex

Anonymous 77950

It's impossible to genuinely look like a man as a woman. Square jaw isn't a masculine trait, it's just genetic. Some people are just blind retards. You're probably fine.

Anonymous 77952

Like >>77950 said, people are just retarded and think all women should look like actresses and models on tv. Have you ever groomed your brows anon? Maybe wax and shave facial hair. Get a new haircut. Wear jewelry. Things like that make you more feminine

Anonymous 77982

You're just a bifauxnen.

Anonymous 77996

Getting more muscle mass is actually a great idea. The androgynous look comes from either being so thin clothes hide your feminine shape, or being a ham planet. Muscle will never look like a man's without serious amounts of steroid use. You'll look like a cute tomboy woman.

Look up feminine fashion where you live. Other girls not wearing feminine clothes is a GOOD thing because it will make you stand out in a good way. Men like women who look like you put effort into looking good.

Men think they like no makeup. But what they like is using makeup while looking like your not. A touch of mascara will make your eyes look large and feminine, lipstick will make you obviously a woman but you can focus on eye makeup if you want to keep it low effort cute.

Where I live, the majority of young women wear sweat pants, hair that is not brushed tied back in a tangle of unwashed hair, flip flops, and sweatshirts. I stand out by dressing what was normal in the old place I used to live. What I see as bare minimum.

Another thing is to change your clothes and hair. Baggy masculine clothes + hair not styled can look masculine. Get new feminine clothes you will feel confident and sexy in. You can be comfy too, but focus on highlighting hips, hourglass figure, and boobs. Get a haircut in a easy to upkeep style you like. Do your own research to find a haircut for your face shape to stress female features.

Anonymous 78020


Just gonna say I relate. People thought I was a male model when I was 12.
I'm sorry but I have 0 advice.

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