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torches and pitchf…

The Mob Anonymous 78038

A couple of years ago, at my high school, I was very curious about politics. It was a constant topic of discussion at school. The school itself was composed almost entirely of liberals, so partially out of curiosity and boredom from the constant stream of sameness I decided to look up conservative commentators in an effort to make debates more interesting. But, once I started debating those talking points students, teachers, and my own goddamn parents started horrifically clutching their pearls. My school was supposed to be one of the highest achieving in academics in my state and yet the students and teachers could barely hold their own against Steven Crowder talking points. They resorted to constant dogpiling in order to have any victories, but even then sometimes I won. Eventually this behavior lead to my friends leaving me and the student body and some teachers growing really sour and passive aggressive. After seeing this behavior I decided to research a little about the school only to find its run by a bunch of corporate defense lawyers very rich. But the experience of constantly being dogpiled again and again by the mob has taken its toll on me. For one left-wing politics are hard to get into now because of the association. The only reason that stops me from discarding it entirely is fear. Fear that either the mob will come back or I'll be apart of the mob. I also have a huge fear of talking to other people in general for the same reasons. The experience has left me REALLY pessimistic towards others almost subconsciously. The only upside for me was I got really good at debate. For now I'm just trying to develop more positive associations with people in an effort to quell the fear a little. Funnily enough, whenever I get nervous now I bring up politics although I've been cutting back on that. Anyone else have experiences with the mob? How has it effected you and how do you cope?

Anonymous 78039

I usually keep quiet when somebody starts talking about socio-politics in a very cocksure way. I'm glad to talk about it with someone who's actually interested in understanding things but otherwise, nah I just try to change the subject while dropping subtle disagreements with them. I don't have the kind of bravery and resolve that allows me to argue with mobs, I let other people with more balls and love of debate do that. You can't argue with a mob, and I think you can only hope to bring private individals in the mob, one by one, into the light side.

Anonymous 78043

I believe mob mentality in general has been snowballing for some time, especially since the internet became ubiquitous. Most popular discourse, political or otherwise, has been broken into groups identifying each other as polar opposites. They groups' individual opinions are consonantly reinforced though endless echoing parrots. People are then ostracized for having independent ideas or liking points from multiple groups. As an example, I've been shit on for saying I liked conservative fiscal polices but dislike the idea of forcing people to swallow conservative social norms. It is honestly frighting that people are so ingrained in a group identities they demonize dissenting opinions. In most cases I honestly think it is best not to share opinions with others at all.

Anonymous 78044


just take the grillpill and refuse to engage in political discussions with random people. it's great practice for real life

Anonymous 78046

Yeah these are what I do now although I can't say I didn't enjoy arguing with the mob. Its terrifying but also exhilarating.
I feel this so much. I love combing through all kinds of political ideologies and finding stuff I like. At the end of the day though? I don't think they're different in any meaningful way. And no I don't mean horseshoe theory I mean very literally the ideologies are constructs of language with a few different qualities to throw people off.

Anonymous 78051

I don't really have much to add, but I want to compliment you for responding to every post thus far. Very nice.

>I mean very literally the ideologies are constructs of language with a few different qualities to throw people off.

I kinda get what you mean but also not entirely. Could you elaborate?

Anonymous 78065

Ok. Let's say for the purpose of explanation there are three main layers to the human experience when it comes to politics. The first is the base layer. This is the one that keeps everyone together basically human nature. Although people live in different environments a human is a human. It eats, sleeps, and socializes as a human. There are variations in how this basic layer is expressed but ultimately the layer itself is the same.
The second layer is the expression of ideas most notably through language. There's one specific idea I want to keep in mind in this layer and its semantics. Trying to figure out what people mean is tricky especially if they're screaming at you.
The third layer is Politics. To put it simply, How we want society to function.
How these three layers interact forms the basis for tribal behavior.
The interaction goes somewhat like this please excuse me if it gets convoluted.
In Politics (3rd layer), everyone is looking to maximize the well being of themselves (1st layer), so they interact with others (2nd layer) to try to create that society (1st layer). A long the way they meet certain people whom they like more than others and so they imitate those people in an expression of agreeableness (1st and 2nd layer). These people have formed their own group, aka political ideology, for the purpose of advancing the optimal society (1st and 3rd layer). This ideology has its own expressions to show who is in or out of the group (1st 2nd and 3rd layer). So, when other groups come around there is tension and disagreeableness because of that difference in expression(1st 2nd and 3rd layer). But, at the end of the day, even with the changes in expression, there is still adherence to the 1st layer. The different groups are building off of the same foundation which is the optimal society. Any questions?

Anonymous 78066

Also the slight variations in behavior throw people off through giving new perspectives on the same idea but ultimately the idea is still the same just shown differently.

Anonymous 78068

They don't even have opinions really. They have vague sentiments and team identities (that are more defined in polarisation than anything else). It's more of a social thing and the basic difference is how conformist someone is vs how reactive someone is. These days it's very hard to talk about a topic without them staging/framing it as some good vs evil polarised shit where they hide away from their ignorance of the topic and intolerance to having their sentiments challenged with facts or simply subtlety/nuance. Even when you basically agree with them, you're just qualifying it by introducing actual substance. It still might trigger and confuse them into their usual habit, placing you in the enemy/dehumanised camp and pushing the polarisation.

Anonymous 78069

You might think of it more an aesthetic difference than intellectual.

Anonymous 78071

Yes I do think the majority of people involved in political ideologies do this but there are a few people within those camps who contribute substantial ideas which are propagated by the others in one way or another.

Anonymous 78077

Only the christian fascist patriot mob, I live in Texas yeeeeee

All you have to do is hopelessly irritate them if they become nosy n obsessed with your business. Get them while they're hot and string them along about how you brought fetus pizza and to the Satanic Temple charity drive

Anonymous 78103

Now THAT must be funny as fuck. Just cracking jokes that make them so appaled they go away.

Anonymous 78127

Maybe it was worse than you make out, but a few people thinking you're a dummy for believing dumb things isn't a "mob". You admit to taking contrarian stances and then act shocked when you're in the minority opinion, which is exactly what would happen, yeah. Also you say people "could barely hold their own against Steven Crowder talking points", but most conservative talking points are intentionally bad faith and boil down to "what if we do exactly what we've been doing for 40 years that has made everything this crappy already?" People don't owe you a debate either, not everyone wants to explain why the climate crisis or wealth inequality are bad over and over again. Many of today's big problems are seen as settled issues that need addressing, not theories that require lengthy discussion. Not discussions in which one side is saying "lol who cares" over and over anyway.

Anonymous 78142

It wasn't a few people it was almost everyone and they took it very personally. Its one thing to disagree it's another to dogpile 24/7 and the dogpiles where 15 people not 2. Trust me I know bad faith arguments because that's what their arguments were and I was still able to refute them. You making it out to be harder than it is.

Anonymous 78143

Also this isn't about what you believe it's about mob mentality. Don't change the subject to be left vs right bullshit idc. That's exactly the kind of shit I hate because it hurts people and breeds disfunction.

Anonymous 78219

Your first mistake was getting "into" politics
your second mistake was expecting high-level discussion at a high school from a bunch of nobodies with zero life experience
your third mistake was not recognizing that the debate format is a sham which accomplishes nothing except for effectively aggravating a crowd.

Check out this talk by an FBI behavioral analyst.
He specializes in convincing people, and recognizing who can be convinced.

Anonymous 78232

It just sounds like you've got one of those intractable personalities that're immune to reason and logic and what you took for 'pearl clutching' was just an empathetic reaction to whatever indefensible dribble fell out of your mouth.

It sounds like the people in your life just don't want to hurt your feelings by explaining to you exactly how daft your perspective on life really is.

Anonymous 78235

Being a sanctimonious asshole isn't a personality either.

Anonymous 78236


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