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Gore? Anonymous 78052

Hello I have a little question. It is about gore, and more precisely about liking gore. I do not refer to guro, or drawn gore. I do not refer to ficticious gore or horror movie gore. I refer to real gore. Why do some people enjoy it? I'm not even thinking about the moids that do, because I've come across women that enjoy looking at dead bodies/dead people/rekt threads/real life gore. Why? This isn't even a judgement. I can say I am a little bit guilty since I used to own a gore blog on tumblr 4 years ago when I was depressed and in a very bad mental place. It featured real injuries and surgical pictures and stuff like that. I was going for a fucked up aesthetic and yes you can shame me for being edgy on that one. I don't operate the blog and it has been abandonned a long time ago. One reason I have seen people like gore is because looking at gore images is a form of "overcoming themselves"? The thought goes like "If i can not flinch at gore or not be impacted, it means I am mentally strong". But is this even true? Isn't the disgust we feel while looking at gore there for a reason? Survival reason? Do people who "like gore" simply like it as a form of mental self harm? Could this even be a thing? Or maybe liking gore is just a form of curiosity? I am pretty sure it must depend from person to person. I also notice a lot of people simply liking shock factor gore for the sake of it being shock factor gore and nothing more. Isn't this a bit pointless? Is it good to like gore for the simple fact that it is shock factor? A lot of people also seem to show off how much they can take in gore content to gain edgy points and make themselves look cooler among their peers. In the end, I think it must depend from person to person. But I really do wonder about this phenomenon. Maybe you reading this also like gore? Or hate it? Maybe it has to do with mental illness. Or maybe it is a perfectly normal trait of the human brain. Either way, I do not know where those ramblings of mine will send me but I needed to write that down somewhere.

Anonymous 78053

I like gore because it appeals to my anti-life sympathies.

Anonymous 78054

Care to elaborate, anon? It is just because you're "edgy" or is it deeper than this?

Anonymous 78055

Personally, when I look at gore I do it for three reasons. First, I want to be desensitized. I find no value in sheltering my mind from things people don't want to see. I believe hiding from gruesome things is nothing more than shielding yourself with willful ignorance. Second, I find different types of trauma can be fascinating. Bodies do not necessarily come apart or fail the way you would anticipate. I find gunshots in particular produce a wide variety of interesting results. I am particularly enamored with ones inflicted to the head. Third, and most importantly to me, I want to respectfully view the people involved. I know this is sounds counterintuitive, but I feel the dying and dead deserve to be looked upon with respect and compassion in their final moments. I don't think its right for me to close my eyes to a suicide someone wanted to share or to recoil away from a dying child trapped between a train and platform etc. I hope, were I there, I could look them in the eyes so they knew I cared. If i looked away, wouldn't it be wrong?

That all said I do not approve of torturing humans or animals. And I'm not a fan of murderers. Thanks for making this thread. I've never been able to express this before.

Anonymous 78056

This is very intersting and insightful. I never have heard of an explanation such as yours so thank you very much for posting this anon. This also makes me rethink the way I could view the dead myself and the implications it has.

Anonymous 78057

Thats an interesting POV, i personally still can’t deal with looking at it. I guess it’s because i’ve been in situations where i was being beaten and hurt, so rather than how much it hurt or painful to look at my mind can’t help but go to the humiliation and powerlessness they must have felt. It really destroys me and sometimes i fall into depression after exposure to certain gore (especially murder, torture etc not much with accidental deaths) i get angry about it lol. So its been hard for me to be desensitized even tho i came across a lot of it. I do enjoy fake gore tho as i am an edgy artfag

Anonymous 78058

I have a question. From your point of view, do you think something such as "the privacy of the dead" exist? Can there be dead bodies that are simply meant to not be looked at out of respect as well?

Anonymous 78062

Also, to add to my bit about wilful ignorance. I think seeing gore is particularly important to really understanding the reality of some things. For example, showing war footage cleansed of deaths, bodies mutilated by bombing, etc. is nothing more than a misrepresentation. I find it dehumanizing.

Any particular artist you like?

Sure, I can agree with that in many cases. I couldn't condone gawking at a morgue, funeral home, emergency room etc. I don't wish to sully the memories of the dead or take away their privacy. What I want to do is acknowledge and memorialize their humanity. Suicide videos, combat footage, and recorded accidents are probably the prime examples where I want to understand those involved were people and not shun their final moments. I believe it would be wrong to look away from the severed heads of villagers murdered in some warlord's campaign or to turn my back on a mass grave, etc.. They remain, at lest in my mind, people who deserve to be acknowledged. I don't see this as being the same as photographing an autopsy or something for entertainment. Sorry if my rambling does not make sense.

Anonymous 78063

Thank you for replying to my question. And do not worry your ramblings make sense. I think the aversion a lot of people have to death might also be cultural. Think about how much in western society for example, death is usually hidden and not talked about.

Anonymous 78064

I agree. The world is such a diverse place. It would be fascinating to hear the perspective someone from a culture that does tings like exhume the corpses to decorate their bodies or clean and rebury their bones has.

Anonymous 78070


I've always been sort of desensitized to gore. Explicit movies like cannibal holocaust never affected me or made me express any form of fear or repulsion.

Recently, i've been dipped into watching a bit of gore every now and then out of pure morbid fascination. I like to be reminded of how fragile we are as human beings. Accidents, cartel executions, it's truly crazy how much footage has been put out there.

Executions are often personal and bloodier than accidents. Beheadings, flayings, cannibalism, dismemberment,…they show us just how hate-filled some individuals can be.

Anyways, I didn't mean to go all nihilism on humanity but yeah, gore is a bit of a complicated thing.

Anonymous 78078

I used to browse groups with videos of people dying on Facebook and Reddit a lot. I’m not sure myself why I used to do that. But sometimes I’d watch these videos and say stuff like, “that was amazing” or make jokes with other people about the video in the comment sections.

Since a young age, people dying never really fazed me that much (and I feel like it’s the same for most people). Ive only ever gotten mad at videos like these when it was innocent people turned into victims (ex. beheadings, especially of children). It reminds me a lot of how weak humans are and makes me cherish my life more. I start to enjoy life more when I realize I can die tomorrow by slipping in the bathroom and breaking my neck on the toilet bowl.

Anonymous 78100

Seek help ladies.

Anonymous 78118

I used to enjoy looking at gore too, now it just seems boring to me - it's not fucked up enough, or it's old and I've seen it already
Now I just save the more fucked up stuff to reply to moids with when they think they can offend me.
I do recommend looking for gore groupchats or any of that sort if you want to blackpill the fuck out of yourself. there are even rape chats/chats with female only gore on telegram, it will definitely change your perception of men even if you're already a radfem.

Anonymous 78120

Rape chats? Why are you recommending women to seek out illegal material?

Anonymous 78121

Did you not read what I said? I wasn't seriously recommending it, read the part where I said "blackpill", doubt anyone would want to feel as hopeless as those chats make you feel

Anonymous 78122

And even worse, animal gore. There is so much of it, and it can get way more fucked up than dog fighting. There's a guy that's been arrested recently in Australia that tortured/raped and killed dogs and puppies, filmed all of it and posted it on telegram. Someone getting hit by a train and losing half of their body would seem tame compared to that.

Anonymous 78124

I agree, i think violence against children and animals is the most disgusting thing. I hope anyone who solicits and makes these videos should be given the most painful slow execution possible and have it be filmed. I’d watch

Anonymous 78125

i'm sorry, why would you want to look at that? i can't fathom wanting to seek that out.

Anonymous 78130

I think they do it as a way of coping with a concept of human mortality

Anonymous 78131

I didn't even look at the vids, I read the chat and that was enough. They sound the same as any other men and if it was in a context of I dunno, hardcore/bdsm porn there would be no difference.

Anonymous 78134

Anything involving children or animals is an instant no for me.

Anonymous 78141

It’s basically this. The more I seek death, the less I’m afraid of it and the more I start to appreciate life. You have way more fun taking life way less seriously and looking at videos of people literally dying reminds me of how insignificant we are in the grand scheme of things.

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