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Anonymous 78205

I just turned 18 so i can finally post on here.
I'm curious what u would want to tell yourself or someone else if u were my age?

Anonymous 78206

get off the internet and go outside

Anonymous 78208

Do people actually follow the age rule? I've posted here since I was 17 but now I'm 18.

Anonymous 78209

There's nothing to be found on the digital plane less you actually produce something. Whether it be as a hobby or job. If you're going to do neither of this these things, leave this place, it is merely a curse.

Anonymous 78211

Don't listen to these hypocrites, the outside world is full of moids.

Anonymous 78214

I cant agree more

Anonymous 78218

Stop using 4chan and other scrote imageboards

Anonymous 78225

give up on your dreams

Anonymous 78226

Type like a normal person and lurk moar
No I've posted since I was 14 or 15. The rule is just because CC hosts adult content and its nice not to have the site run over with blatent underage posting, it gives underage users a reason to at least act normal.
This too, best advice ITT

Anonymous 78233

Go to therapy

Anonymous 78237

suuuuure you did

Anonymous 78242

I don't think I am capable of giving anyone advice, because I am a failure
But I would tell myself not to overestimate myself and I am not as good as I thought I am, I am not smart, I am not strong, I am not capable of solving problems and should just listen to my mother and completely let her decide everything for me, maybe she would know better

Anonymous 78247

and this is why, OP, you should go to therapy while the complexes and mental wounds are still fresh

Anonymous 78248

Stop using imageboards you fuckin moron

Anonymous 78261

Absolutely do not go to university if you're unsure on what to study.

Anonymous 78263

Take time to get to know and love yourself away from the judgement of others. Not in an inflated ego way, but spend enough time alone to become familiar with your faults and strengths in order to accept them and be satisfied with your existence. Having a baseline confidence helps when interacting with others, responding to criticism, and dealing with volatile emotions.

Loving yourself doesn't mean you will be in stasis either, instead it allows you to grow while also acknowledging your limitations (which are fine to have). If you truly love someone you want them to be the best version of themselves while not being too harsh on them, which applies to you as well.

That said I would have scoffed at this advice at 18 because it's cheesy and self hatred was edgy and cool.

Anonymous 78280

NEVER give up on your dreams

Anonymous 78291

What if my dream is ruining other people’s dreams?

Anonymous 78298

Give up on that dream specifically.

Anonymous 78317

From one 18yo to another. If at all possible, take a gap year. You don't need to travel the world or anything, just rest, work on your hobbies, think about your future and maybe get a part time job to save up. I'm currently on a gap year and feeling at peace for the first time in a decade, lol.

Anonymous 78324

I had like 4 of these in a row. Is there something wrong with me or some people need more "rest" time? Only this year I had the energy/confidence to start progressing.

Anonymous 78380

>>78324 I can only do one year since my uni only allows a deferment of 1 year max, but prioritizing mental health in life is good. A lot of people get overwhelmed first year of uni if they're struggling with other issues, it's good to have breaks in life. That being said, you gotta keep finding stuff to keep yourself occupied and make sure to go outside every once in a while. Do you know what you want to do with your life now? I'm still clueless. Tbh I wouldn't mind a longer break.

Anonymous 78404


This. Debt sucks and when I was 18 I didn’t know the difference between $1k and $10k.

Well…Pursue them with the expectation it won’t work out. Be willing to take a job that’s not ideal if your dreams are career related

Also, date men not boys

Anonymous 78431

Don't extreme diet. If you don't feel right mentally see a psychiatrist.

Anonymous 79265

Propagate bad advice and misery

Anonymous 79293

>date men not boys
But they are old and ugly…

Anonymous 79351


Sure nona

Anonymous 79408

Take care of your hair, skin, teeth, and joints.
Sunscreen always.
Cold showers are better for your skin and hair than hot showers.
Take vitamin D, calcium, biotin, and collagen supplements. Some supplements will combine D and calcium so you don't have to buy separate ones.
Stop eating so much sugar. Store-bought juice has a fuckton of sugar, it's practically soda.
After you brush your teeth, let the toothpaste just stay for a minute before spitting and rinsing.

Anonymous 79410

Could I just take supplements for pregnant women? Dont't those have all you need?

Anonymous 79429

Are you teaching her on how to remain visually fuckable for the most time possible, lol?

Anonymous 80558


Anonymous 80577

don't throw away your friends, family and career for a man.

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